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  1. I recently did an upgrade to 10.6.7 on my Hackintosh (10.6.8 didn't work earlier for me, so I did a re-install) and installed iTunes 10.6, only to be greeted by this lovely error message: /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist shows my system version as 10.6.7 — and iTunes 10.6 requires 10.5.8 or later, so 10.6.7 should defiantly meet it's minimum OS requirements. What's the reason this error message comes up, and how could it be fixed? The problem persists across reboots, and doesn't seem to go away if I re-install iTunes 10.6. I did the Hackintosh install using iATKOS S3 10.6.3, followed by a combo update from Apple's site to 10.6.7 which had iTunes working before. I also don't think kexts I've got installed have anything to do with this, but here is a dump of all my installed and loaded kexts. The hardware's a Thinkpad T60 with ATI X1400 (CI/QE working) with 2 gigs of RAM — for more info, please see this file. I'm not sure if this is related, but I don't see any of the Software Updates I installed on the previous install in Software update — the Updates preference pane shows only a few updates I know I installed on this fresh install as installed, though. I'd appreciate any help y'alls could provide on this matter.