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  1. No. I have a Acer 4741G laptop. Recently, I am bothering not sure QE / CI is enable or not in this laptop (Yosemite 10.10.2). Thanks for your guide, I learned something.
  2. Are you sure about "Full QE/CI"? Menu bar in your snapshot is not transparent.
  3. My purpose is using clover + GPT to install Yosemite and make dual boot with windows 7. I have successfully boot windows 7 x64 ultimate on my notebook Acer 4741G with LegacyBIOS+GPT+Clover´╝î but keyboard and touchpad are not working. In Device manager , it's show code 24 which mean device is not present. On GUI of clover , keyboard working, touchpad not working. At last , I convert my harddrive from GPT to MBR , boot with native windows 7 bootmgr , my notebook keyboard and touchpad working perfectly. PS: Notebook : Acer 4741G (not support UEFI) Keyboard: built in PS/2 keyboard. TouchPad: built in PS/2 touchpad. HardDrive: Crucial M500 240GB SSD (4 Paritions: FAT32 EFI partion, NTFS partition, HFS+ partition, NTFS partition) Clover : intsalled to FAT32 EFI partition. tried version r2953 and r3065 , same issue. OS: windows 7 x64 ultimate. Any tips? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for your idea. I got it.
  5. You are right , the drivers in your package are newer. That's weird. I checked again both BootCamp.msi and BootCamp64.msi, the version is 4.0.4033 and the time stamp of digital signature is 2011-06-29 23:03:04. I can't use Boot Camp Assistant to get Boot Camp under Mac OS X. So , I download it from http://swcdn.apple.com/content/downloads/5...BootCampESD.pkg Did you updated to Boot camp v4.0.1? If you did , please check if BootCamp.msi and BootCamp64.msi have new drivers.(AppleHFS.sys and AppleMNT.sys are inside these two package) TIPS: Use UniExtract can extract .msi package.
  6. I riped the same drivers from Boot Camp 4.0 both 32bit and 64bit. Thanks DigitalDJ made the install script and registry files. It's works on my 64bit Win7 and 32bit WinXP. BTW: I removed below stuff from DigitalDJ's registry files. Because with these stuff , install to win7 will not recognize HFS+ partition. Use Install_or_Remove_hfs_ENG.bat to install or remove. AppleHFS_from_BootCamp4.0.zip
  7. MBR Patch 10.7.0 11A511 (Updated)

    Thanks, I will try later.
  8. MBR Patch 10.7.0 11A511 (Updated)

    Thank you very much. Someone says that OSInstall.mpkg of lion DP3 don't have 2GB RAM limit , Maybe you can compare it to see what's different. Or this post might help Install Lion GM on a PC with only 1Gb of Ram, How to circumvent the 2Gb Ram limit http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=262437
  9. MBR Patch 10.7.0 11A511 (Updated)

    good job! Can you also remove the *2GB RAM limit* ? Lion refuse install to machine that RAM less than 2GB.
  10. Can you tell me how to patch this *2GB limit*? thanks
  11. Like PE for windows , I want build minimized bootable system based on my own hackintosh for maintain purpose. I have a idea , if can log "files read or write" during boot , we can ONLY use those file build a minimized bootable system. Of course this minimized bootable system ONLY work on your own hackintosh. Another idea : I known a release called Format & Make Bootable HD for Leopard.iso , it's size only 500MB , but it is can boot to GUI and have some Utilities such as Terminal , Disk Utility. Does anyone how to make a ISO like this which is based on Mac.OS.X.10.6.3 Retail? PS : I konwn a APP called DasBoot seemed can do this . I tried DasBoot 2.0 use Mac.OS.X.10.6.3 Retail as source , unfortunately it's take almost 7GB space on my target USB thumb driver. Just like use Disk Utility restore the whole DMG to my USB thumb driver . I don't konw why. Appreciate any suggestion.
  12. Boot LiveDVD.iso by Grub4dos iso emulation

    won't work. if you read document of grub4dos , you will find out why. This way NOT work until someone write a driver for MacOSX , like FiraDisk for windows
  13. [Guide] G41M-ES2L Rev. 1.4 Sound Fix

    I have this mb too. finally use GigabyteALC88b6Ch.kext and HDAEnabler.kext make audio working. find ALC888B = ALC887......... found on G41M-ES2L in this post hxxp://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=140941 direct download link is here hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?jomygylxukj The exact files you will need from the Gigabyte_ALC888b.zip folder are GigabyteALC88b6Ch.kext & HDAEnabler.kext from the HDAEnabler_12 folder. GigabyteALC88b6Ch.kext & HDAEnabler.kext put in /Extra/Extensions also need AppleHDA Rollback (10.6.2 AppleHDA.kext)
  14. Are you the *most smart human being* on the world? Linux on PS3 still working in progress , who cares what you think!