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  1. Ati 4890 with 10.6.4 *Solutions inside*

    qe/ci fully works as in 1063, no glitches for me thus far. still waiting for 1064 exotic patch. @magare set the permissions correctly
  2. Ati 4890 with 10.6.4 *Solutions inside*

    hola, i have the same problem. i installed the 10.6.3 ati kexts as a workaround for qe/ci until a proper patch for 10.6.4 appears, if u need them here they are. backup/remove the 1064 kexts, and properly install these. http://www.mediafire.com/?3jznzittmg5
  3. where in the "qoopz kernel" code did you see amd defined to ppc ? it is only i386 arch (with experimental 64bit usermode) i also noticed most of the qoopz comments are missing. some of the extra stuff added can be fixed with kexts, or even the bootloader. I'd just recommend you apologize, put back the missing comments, and re-upload your diff with them included. some of them are very important. your work is based on the continuity of someone else's work, not all yours.
  4. How to: ATI 4850 working on SL

    EVOenabler is only for those cards which need to inject some stuff that is too big to do it thru plist or dsdt. it is set for my ati 4890, but you can look in aty_init's plist and copy your info in the "entries to add" section of EVOenabler's plist.
  5. try this script, it downloads and builds xnu and all dependencies. if for some rare reason, libc fails to build, temporarily mv /usr/lib/dtrace while building it. voodoobuild_0.3.980d.zip
  6. AnV XNU Kernel V1.4

    @idsoftware lol. here is one without the tiger-anv stuff macmodels, etc so if u changed a kext it could not work http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gemmdjmhudb the patches are included to make it better.
  7. since you didnt tell your cpu, i am guessing you need this: http://stormdrake.blogspot.com/2007/12/vmw...62573patch.html
  8. Voodoo Kernel BETA 2 - Available now

    Hello, Voodoo XNU Beta 2c works great on my P4 HT Northwood, all tests passed OK. Chameleon 1.0.11 would report multiplier as 0 and fsb as 100mhz which are wrong, CPU frequency was OK. So i currently use a modified chameleon with hardcoded fsb and multiplier until beta3. I tried the original beta2 and it worked without adding any flags. With beta2c i must specify busratiopath=6 , or it would take the second path by default, Pentium 4 EFI path, and couldn't find the multiplier, it would return the multiplier as 1. busratiopath=6 works fine for me! I've also tested the Toast app which was mentioned by cavallo in this thread, and i couldn't get it to start without Rosetta PPC emulation. Much thanks to the VoodooLabs team
  9. Where can I find a working PSP emulator?

    You can try this one, http://actarus.runhost.net/ , but it is programmed for windows. WINE runs it OK.
  10. Dawn of War - Dark Crusade on a mac

    for soulstorm using the latest GT cider i replaced only those .dlls with the older ones from they dark crusade folder and it worked for me %100 using vitality fixed exe
  11. SSE2 - New Beta

    works great for me, no apps are crashing, only rosetta feels wierd.. thank you ! my specs - P4 HT Northwood SSE2+NX+PAE / i865