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  1. ooOoogaBooOooga

    Introduce yourself.

    Thanks Allan! I could really use some mentoring on how to complete my install I've got 10.11.6 running on an SSD, but I can't complete the boot using the SSD if its mounted to an internal SATA port. In fact I can't even see other SATA drives (HDD or DVD) that would normally be (not currently) attached to my internal SATA port, and I can only boot into Clover and begin to boot from the SSD; the boot fails when it tries to find the root device. The only way I can fully boot the OS is to use a USB boot drive and then select the OS drive, and the OS drive has to be connected to USB (via SATA adapter), and not to the internal SATA. I've got great video and audio (compliments of the GeForce 8400 GS), and I've got RTL8811au (Ourlink AC600; btw: their drivers install nicely), and I'm currently testing Sleep functions; everything seems to work well and I've created a Time Machine drive that's connected to my USB 3.0, as well as applied some El Capitan patches from the App Store. Oddly enough, I can boot from an old Kalyway DVD and see my internal SATA drives, so I don't think this is a HW or BIOS issue. If you happen to know anyone that might be able to help, I'd appreciate a reference or an intro! Thanks! Thomas
  2. ooOoogaBooOooga

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello, I've been out for a while, and now I'm trying to repurpose one of my older PCs. Thanks!
  3. ooOoogaBooOooga

    HP Envy 4T

    I'm not sure what the iTunes phone driver is; I think its just part of the install. I'm trying to get a 10.6 install working so I can download the Mountain Lion I bought from the App store, so I can download and install from that. How would I go about removing the iTunes phone driver, assuming that's the issue? Thanks!
  4. ooOoogaBooOooga

    HP Envy 4T

    I just got this an awesome i5/Ivy/HD 4000 laptop, and I'd really like to get OSX up and running.. so far, this is as far as I can get after a fresh install (with the install drive, disk1s2 flagged as active): Boot parameters include: cpus=1 busratio=20 pcirootuid=1 arch=x86_64 GraphicsEnabler=no Could use some help on this; any suggestions would be appreciated! Here are the specs for this laptop: HP_Envy4T_Specs.txt Thanks! Thomas