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  1. nikonnut

    Am I going to have freeze ups?

    I think you'll be OK. I've been running 8GB of RAM forever and the only kernel panics I've ever had involved me doing stupid things during installs. You're good.
  2. nikonnut

    10.5.6 Released...? odd.

    Just updated and it killed my sound. All that was required was a re-install of Taruga's HDAenabler.kext and his AppleHDA.kext the a quick permissions repair and hey! presto the sound is back! All is well for the moment. P.S. "My Samsung NC10 is now on 10.5.6 and running well. Did not use software update used the download from Apple " Show Off! Aqua, you're gonna help me with my Wind, right? LoL
  3. nikonnut

    [How to] GIGABYTE GA-G33M-DS2R guide

    ontoid, Thank you very much. Trying it as we speak. Cheers EDIT: ontoid, You are a STAR! Your DSDT.aml was just the trick (now I want to know why I can't compile correctly). Installed, rebooted, and all the sudden sound showed up in the system profiler. A good sign but an update to 10.5.5 thru the software updater proved it out beyond a doubt. I owe you big. Thank you so much Kindest Regards (and Happy Thanks Giving), Chris
  4. nikonnut

    [How to] GIGABYTE GA-G33M-DS2R guide

    Anybody gotten the DSDT patch to work with their MoBo? It's giving me fits
  5. nikonnut

    Bad Grammar

    This sums up my opinion on the subject; http://headtripcomics.comicgenesis.com/d/20060706.html
  6. nikonnut

    OK, make me a believer

    Squire, Our systems have a lot in common and Kaly never gave me a problem. I would have to defer to greater minds but if I remember correctly I don't think Leo likes IDE drives. Can you beg. borrow, or steal a SATA DVD drive. It might fix your issue. Just my $.02 Nik
  7. Wow! Three years ago I was fiddling with a an already out-dated G4 (466 MHz digital audio) trying to get a PC graphics card cross-flashed so I could play HALO. About the same time a couple of guys were lauding their Hackintoshes (designer2118 aka Aqua-Mac, Ritalin, and Gotoh) over at Strangedogs so I figured what the hell. A few bits and a copy of JaS 10.4.8 later and I was hooked! Flash forward to now and it's gotten so easy thanks to so many that I can't even start to begin to offer Kudos. Way to blaze the trail for us br0adband. Cheers
  8. nikonnut

    R.I.P Prawker

    We are diminished... Rest in Peace, Prawker
  9. nikonnut

    Your Greatest Photos

    What the...? Film? Of all the crazy ideas! Those are some fine shots, Knuckles. You really have a feel for your camera and the film. Do you develop yourself? Here's a shot with my el cheapo Nikon digital (and Aperture 2.1.1) just to see if a DSLR is in my future It's no F5 but I like the portability.
  10. nikonnut

    Power Mac G4 Not Turning On

    When you reset the PRAM did you have the power cable unplugged? If not this could give you some problems. Also, your PRAM battery could be dead. This will cause problems to no end.
  11. nikonnut

    Install from, not to, a USB Drive

    Joe, This patcher (http://aquamac.proboards106.com/index.cgi?board=hack1&action=display&thread=496&page=1) gives you the option of creating an ISO sutable for burning to DVD or mounting on a USB drive (4 GB). You'll need a retail copy of Leopard and from there it's easy. Hope this helps. Nik
  12. Mebster,Looks good to me. I like my Gigabyte since with the installer I'm running ( http://aquamac.proboards106.com/index.cgi?...&thread=496 ) I don't have to patch anything except for the AppleSMBIOS.kext. As long as you have Realtek ethernet, ALC889a sound, and an ICH9R northbridge you should be good to go IMHO. As for the GPU I just bought an eVGA 8800GT 512 and I'm blown away by the performance! Overclockers UK has them for 109.99 GBP if you can manage the difference. As for the PSU I've been using a FSP Saga 450W unit and I'm very pleased especially for 59.99 USD. It came highly recomended by Thom's Hardware and you can find it here http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?Module...&doy=search Cheers, Nik
  13. nikonnut

    Mac supercomputer cluster

    Interesting to be sure. I'd expect something like this in the bowels of a major film studio as a render farm using Quarterflash instead of as a supercomputing cluster at a university but hey! If you've got the funds go for it!
  14. Just bought an Antec 900 so there you are. I think it will do nicely P.S. Rat rods are WAY cool. I've got a 32 five window that gets a new coat of Krylon primer every year. To butcher a quote"...PAINT!?! We don't need no STINKING paint!..." LOL
  15. OSx64, Looks good to me. I agree with MacUser2525 about the Gigabyte boards. Mine has been rock solid and with my patcher of choice I don't have to patch anything except for cosmetic purposes. Sound and LAN work OOTB but just my $.02. Lastly, why a 7300GT? I just added an 8800GT and can't believe I waited this long! EVGA is a great choice BTW. Good luck with your build and let us know it works Nik