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    Nasty GUI/Finder Lag with QE/QI Enabled

    Never-mind, This ended up fixing most of it even though I am not using an FX cpu: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/354-amd-replace-kext-for-yosemite/ Only problem is now the serial number is "unknown" so that will cause problems with some things. But it did also fix the Ethernet problem.
  2. I just built a new Hackintosh to replace one I built several years ago that is currently running 10.10.5. The old system works fine but just wanted something new and faster. The hardware used in the new build: ASRock A88M-G/3.1 Motherboard AMD 880k CPU EGVA 500 watt supply 8 GB AData ram PNY SSD Now for the problem - I installed 10.10.5 with no problems. Added appropriate kernel, fakeSMC.kext etc. Used Enoch bootloader. Boots fine using flags - IGPEnabler=N, GraphicsEnabler=No, npci=0x3000 and nv_disable-1. It will not boot any other way. This of course boots with no QE/Qi and other than that it does work and works fast (other than no QE/Qi). Boots in 10 seconds or less and is rock solid. The 880k CPU has no graphics APU and the integrated graphics on the MB is disabled. If I use nvda_drv=1 it will boot with QE/QI enabled but everything is in slow mo. If you click on anything you get a beachball for 20-30 seconds before anything happens. Even trying to select something from a pull down menu gets the same results. Launching Safari takes minutes. I tried other boot flag combos with no help. I also tried the nvidia web drivers and got the same thing. I tried installing El Capitan and it did the same thing exactly so I reinstalled 10.10.5. I tried using Clover but could never get it to boot. Tried 3 video boards: MSI GT710 ASUS 8400GS Zotac GT210 The last 2 work correctly OOB in my old Hackintosh running 10.10.5. Haven't tried the GT710 there yet. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. PS: A less pressing problem is the Realtek RTL8111G-R doesn't work, always says "cable unplugged". I tried about 12 different kext and get pretty much the same thing from each. Also, all the hardware works flawlessly under Leap 42.1 LINUX. Thanks!
  3. AmigaOS

    AMD Kernel For Mavericks 10.9.4 [XNU:13.3.0]

    My AMD system did the same thing upgrading to 10.9.5. The IOHIDFamily.kext is version 2.0.0 in 10.9.5 just like in 10.9.4, 10.9.3 etc so no difference there. Glad I kept 10.6.8 on another drive to use until someone figures out 10.9.5 on AMD
  4. It broke my AMD install. Tried several amd kernels. Installed the 3 kexts of course. Tried rolling back ALL the kexts to 10.9.4. Always hangs right after successful Bluetooth init. Anyone have any ideas or fixes? Thats what I get for trying it without waiting to see what happened to other AMD users first. Thanks.
  5. Another Update: I used the new Chameleon SSD Optimizer Beta and it worked properly for setting Trim. Everything is working fine so far on my AMD system.
  6. There are several with names like that and most aren't updated for 9.4. Which one do you mean?
  7. I installed from the App Store let it do its thing and then replaced the new kernel with the amd uni kernel as I have an AMD cpu and all was fine until I re-enabled Trim and then it wouldn't boot anymore. I had to boot from 10.6.8. and then go in and replace IOAHCIFamily.kext to reset the trim and now it boots ok. Re-enabling trim worked for 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3 so something must have changed with 9.4. Anyone have any ideas on getting Trim to work again? Update: I had used Chameleon SSD Optimizer and it doesn't support 10.9.4 because Apple changed the kext file IOAHCIFamily.kext. There is a beta here that is supposed to work with 10.9.4. : http://chameleon.alessandroboschini.it/index.php
  8. AmigaOS

    AMD Kernel For Mavericks 10.9/10.9.1/10.9.2/10.9.3

    My ASUS m2r32-mvp motherboard doesn't support C1E and the CPU is set up manually. and I never had this sync problem before...Any other thoughts?
  9. AmigaOS

    AMD Kernel For Mavericks 10.9/10.9.1/10.9.2/10.9.3

    I have a Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition running 10.9.3. and your kernel works but when I try the three 10.9.3 kexts with your download I get an instant KP on boot up (cant find drivers, cant find kext list errors). So far working find using the old kexts but when watching Hulu videos audio and video are not synced. Later I will try your kexts one at a time and find out which one(s) it doesn't like. Any ideas about that or the sync problem? Thanks
  10. AmigaOS

    Slow Wi-Fi on 10.9.2 AMD

    Updating to 10.9.3 cured the slow wi-fi problem, works great now with either my realtek usb or the internal aetheros based card...
  11. AmigaOS

    Kernel Flags ignored on boot

    I fixed it by reinstalling a different version of Chameleon in case anyone is interested....
  12. AmigaOS

    Kernel Flags ignored on boot

    Thanks, but unfortunately that did not change the problem. I installed this on a second AMD system since my last post and it did the same thing and manually entering the bus ratio fixes that also and it also ignores apple.boot.plist and the chameleon plist.
  13. After upgrading to 10.9.2 I noticed the Date/Time was running about 20% fast. If you opened Time prefs it would correct and then run fast again. I figured out the busratio for my CPU and if I manually entered "busratio=15" at startup the clock runs fine. So I tried adding it to Chameleon's boot file under "Kernel Flags" and it is ignored. I also tried adding it to the apple.boot file and it is ignored there also. Only works if I manually enter it each boot up. Any ideas? Thanks! My system: ASUS M2R32-MVP AMD Phenom II X4 940 OC to 3.45 ASUS 8400GT 4gb ram PNY SSD 120gb
  14. My system: ASUS M2R32-MVP AMD Phenom II X4 940 OC to 3.45 ASUS 8400GT 4gb ram PNY SSD 120gb Hi everyone, I've been running 10.6.8 very reliably for some time and decided it was finally time to try out Mavericks. I installed Niresh's 10.9.0 without problem and then promptly installed 10.9.1 update and them 10.9.2. I used the 10.9.0 extensions and AMD kernel from the 10.9.0 install. This brings me to a problem which is almost a deal killer. I have 2 WiFi adapters that each work fine with 10.6.8 using their appropriate kexts. One is a Rosewill USB that is Realtek based. The other is a T-Link TLWIN951 PCI card. Using either adapter gives the same problem. Bog slow Wi-Fi. Like 1.5 or less on a 15mbps connection. Sometimes it even times out. Otherwise 10.9.2 is running rock solid with no crashes or hiccups at all. Doing a little Googling showed that some people with real Macs are having this same type of problem but no one had any real solutions. Was wondering if anyone else is having this problem and if so if there are any solutions? Thanks in advance!