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  1. Marvel Yukon 2 kext for Lion

    After much frustration trying to get various Kext files to work, I tried the Apple USB / Ethernet connector and this worked fine. However it appears to be impossible to access the Mac App store unless you connect via the onboard ethernet.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm new to this so apologies if this is a pretty obvious. Anyway I'm trying to install mac OSX following the first post in this thread. http://www.insanelym...2 my system is as follows: Asus Pt6 Deluxe Core I7 920 GTX 260 Graphics 6 Gb RAM So far I have go to the point where I select the language for the installer. After this step an error message appears stating that the operating system cannot be installed on this PC. The version of Snow leopard I am using is from the install disk that came with my macbook pro (version 10.6.4) . Before I check anything else I just wanted to check if it is possible to install from this disc or weather I need to get a retail version of the operating system. Thanks, Angus