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  1. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Yeah, I got it with the ISO
  2. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Anyone getting success booting workstation 9 with the DMG? Ken73, I'm not getting that error, when I boot it says unsuccessful boot, then tries to run the EFI Shell. I'll try making the ISO and trying again.
  3. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Thanks MSoK! The issue I found was trying to boot the VM from the attached USB drive - once I booted to the DMG it worked beautifully!
  4. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    So I am working on a small project at our office - we have a Mid2011 MacMini5,3 and got 5.1 installed on it without any issues (well, minor issue - Ethernet didn't work, enter: http://paraguin.com/...2-installation/) In any case, got it working, logged into the console view and tried first booting to a USB installer of Mountain Lion (but in reality the USB installer had all three, more to come on this) - but when I start the VM it shows the vmware gray screen, it then shows the apple and about 5 seconds later it reboots. (over and over again). I installed the patch just for giggles and it keeps rebooting. I am currently copying the InstallESD.dmg to the datastore to boot from this as I heard this is now a feature? But any thoughts here? Something simple I missed? As always, very much appreciated! Have a good one! ---Edit--- I'm good now - it did accept the DMG without issues. Going through the install process now.
  5. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Any help here? I have tried this method to create the ISO from DMG and it is failing during boot "Waiting for root device". I thought there was another method of doing it that was listed here but I can't seem to find it now - if so, I likely did it. But any assistance would be nice - not a huge requirement because everything is built, just trying to learn more. hdiutil convert InstallESD.dmg -format UDTO -o InstallESD.iso
  6. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    I actually just upgraded the virtual hardware on my ubuntu machine and it failed to boot - fortunately I read quickly first to take a snapshot of the machine just prior to doing it. So I went back (had to reboot after the roll back) and it worked without issue. I did however find out that updating the vmware tools first on the VM should prevent issues. Testing now on my Ubuntu box and will follow up on my ML machine and here.
  7. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Got updated to 5.1 - Booted to my Mountain Lion drive and just got a spinning wheel. Uninstalled patch, rebooted, reinstalled patch and it booted within a few seconds! Awesome! Haven't tried the ISO creation yet, but will keep that in the back of my bag of tricks to try a little later - who am I kidding, I don't have much else to do, so it will probably be tested in the next few days. BTW - did anyone do the Upgrade virtual hardware? My ESXi box has two machines - Ubuntu and ML. Was curious if anyone tried this and saw any changes.
  8. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Ahhh! Ok, yeah, I'll get that on a bootable USB and do the update - hopefully I won't have too many issues with that. Good to know about that method of ISO creation. I'll try that out on another box and see if it boots.
  9. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    I'd rather not do a full reinstall of the OS up to 5.1. I am flipping through the white pages of the 5.1 upgrade guide but does anyone have a quick way to update via CLI? I figured it was like one of the patches, but when I went to find it, it was not listed. is there a link I can download and patch? or do I need to boot the ISO and go that route? ^^^ were you saying this method worked? I haven't tried that method and wanted to see if that was the answer before I wasted some time on it
  10. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Update: Everything I had tested in my other posts were done at my office with some inventory. I went home and have the same box 745 and was able to install using a USB installer of ML without too much issue. It was a little slow, but I had other things running, so it was to be expected. I did try with the ISO again on my machine wondering if it was something up with the installation of the work box, but that still failed. I don't technically need the fix for the ISO installer, but it would be nice to see if someone has resolution to this issue.
  11. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    That is good to know the m91 works in general. At our office we have the E20/E30 line and their ethernet card isn't supported Sorry I can't be more help on your issue. I'll be happy to help troubleshoot along the way. How long did you leave it at the Apple logo? My ML and Lion both waited about 15-20 minutes before booting in successfully.
  12. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Did this ever get resolved? I would love to see some screenshots as well to see if mine is the same. But just curious if anyone has a fix for this
  13. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    No, I was just specifying
  14. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Mine is in the datastore in a folder called "OS"
  15. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Well I would think that it does. Funny thing here is if I download an ISO from ubuntu's site or something it boots without issue to that ISO. So my guess now is the creation of the ISO itself. I followed your steps above with no issues, is there another switch I could add in there?