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  1. OSx86 won't boot (not even directly off hard drive)

    If your MB is able to change the HDD-Sequence inside the BIOS, too, then you should try to do it that way and see if this solves your problem. Maybe Mac OSX grabs your HDD-Sequence strictly from BIOS and ignores the Bootmanager...
  2. BluephoneElite Activation...

    Silly kid! You're kidding, ain't you?!? It is NOT allowed to post or share any Serial, Crack or Activation-Codes on any Forum in any way!!! Learn how to use Google and find it yourself...
  3. Thanks to Ahmad I was finally successful. I used the mach_kernel_sse3 from irc and it's running well. Here's my screenshot: Mac_Screenshot.tiff Only one crash in the last hour, but I think that has other (hardware)reasons...
  4. As you explained to have a Pentium 4 HT 3,0GHz Socket 478, you're CPU probably could be a Prescott processor! You can simple check this with the free tool CPU-Z. Or by knowing your Processors 2nd Level Cache size. The Northwood P4 3GHz only had 512kB 2nd Lvl Cache, as for the Precott P4 3GHz was equipped with 1024kB 2nd Lvl Cache. Due to the fact that Intel only released this two versions of 3,0GHz HT P4 for socket 478, the possibility stands 2:1 for Prescott. And yes: For Socket 478 the Prescott-Core was the last released architecture.
  5. Best Mouse & Keyboard Company

    I love microsoft hardware, too! Especially the support is absolutely exemplary: I used to have an "Microsoft Digital Media Pro" Keyboard and on of my two feets to lift the keyboard up (don't know what they're called in english maby someone has a clue for me) broke apart. I called the (german) support and explained that I just need one of those feets. The manager explained to me, that it would be impossible to get one out of the running construction process, so he decided to just send me the complete product as a replacement! I asked him, if I should send them back the broken product, to proove it's broken and he just meant: "There's no need for that. I've got your product-ID thats enough proove for Microsoft! Do what you like to do with the broken one!" Three days after I called the support, UPS knocked at my house and brought me a package! I gave the old one to my Mum cause she is never lifting keyboards up and she was happy. Today I use a combo of a "Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000" and a "Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000". This combo fits perfectly together from Design.
  6. @the great deceiver: Good Morning, As I replied, I dowloaded the file "MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.9Intel.dmg" filesize under XP-Explorer is 315547 kB. This file, as I installed it on my 10.4.8 installation, said it were designed to update OSX from v10.4.1 to 10.4.7. I didn't care about it anyway and used it on my OSX and it just worked fine for me. Maybe you give that a try, too? As for your question what the exactly difference between the Combo and Delta is: Both will do exactly the same, so it doesn't make a difference wich one you'll coose to download (apart from the size to download ). The Delta-Update will only be able to update OS X v10.4.8 to 10.4.9! It is NOT possible to use it for versions underneath that! One must understand the updateprocedures of different users from publisher eyes: One user buys a game, lets say Diablo II, with version 1.00 at the release date. The publisher releases from that time updates for v1.01, v1.02, v1.03 and so on. That specific user chose to be up to date for each version and updates the first month from v1.00 to v1.01, next month from v1.01 to v1.02 and then from v1.02 to 1.03, wich made sense for him. An other user chose to buy that game with v1.00 at a time, were the update for v1.03 was already released. So for him it would be a stupid thing to procede the same way as the first user, for that would take some time and he would curse the hell out of him. (I would do so...) Thats why the publisher chose to build a second update beside the last one, specifically for those users: This one would be able to update to v1.03 from any previous version and has got a bigger filesize. The user would just download one file, update and be happy at all. As you'll see, same thing with Apples OS X v10.4.9 update As for your GMA950 I'm not able to give any advise, for I don't have onboard-graphics at all, sorry. People that weren't able to spot the mentioned Delta-Update: You'll find it on the Apple Homepage! But it's not called Delta at all (don't understand all that mumbling of a Delta-Update anyway ) so why should anybody rename it for forum use and drive clumsy users mad... Just klick on the Tab "Support", then on the pink line press Downloads spot for the Date 3/13/2007 and pick the file "Mac OS X 10.4.9 Update (Intel)" with the size of 160 MB. This will only update v10.4.8 to v10.4.9! So if you're with some previous version this one is not for you! You'll choose "Mac OS X 10.4.9 Combo Update (Intel)" with the size 310 MB instead.
  7. Great Job there, Ahmad! I successfully updated to 10.4.9 using the combo-update (for I were noob enogh, not to find the Delta ) and it worked fantastic, thanx to your guide! I started using OS X just yesterday and found it very familiar, for I'm an Amiga-Veteran. (I work with computers since 1985, so I'm not a complete PC-Fool) Now I am hanging with your kernel instructions, caused by my sometimes not very good ability to understand english instructions (I am from Germany, for that may be an excuse... ), although my english is proven to be very good anyway. You advise to 1st back up the system.kext, what I did so. Then to "Open your update DMG and open the .pkg with pacifist." Next to "Select system>library>extensions>system.kext (ONLY THIS KEXT) and klick install." That is my problem: Means "Open your update DMG" some file like update.dmg? If so, wich one and where do I find it? Where do I have afterwards to "Select system>library>extensions>system.kext"? On my harddrive or inside the .pkg using pacifist?! Where should I "klick install" then? Inside Pacifist? Or from Kontext-Menue, rightklicking on system.kext?! Please explain this to a clumsy (Mac)-noob like me. Kind regards jester511