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  1. So I must've broke something, because a recent reboot caused my laptop to not even boot. I decided this was a good chance to start from scratch (I've been using the same setup since I first found this thread), and this'll give me a better chance to play with the artifacts issue. I'll update on this one as soon as I find something, but I'm not having much of an issue with them quite yet. We'll see in due time, I'm sure. However, sound still remains a touchy thing. I can put my system to sleep and start it up, but then the headphones sometimes don't get picked up, and sound goes through to the speakers regardless of whether the headphones are plugged in or not. I might have to try reading up on the HDA spec if I need to, but I think I tinkered with some settings that got it to work before. If anyone has any information, please let me know. Otherwise, I'll see what I can find out. And for all who helped develop this resource, thank you!
  2. Apologies for not being able to test the resolutions much recently, late winter always seems to get quite a bit busier. I've found that, no matter what monitor frequency I use (I've tried 56.9, 55.9, 54.9, 53.9,... all the way down to 45.9) and no matter what, the system produces artifacts. They appear to be coming from the software rather than the hardware1, since I am able to take screenshots of the artifacts. I've recently bought a second 4GB RAM module and I'm waiting for that to come in, but I'm not sure how much it'll help. Also, sound has been acting odd again. It feels like a game of chance from whenever my system wakes up that the sound card remains awake, too. It will always start out from waking up having sound, but the sound seems to go into sleep mode if there is no sound for a couple seconds. I have CodecCommander.kext installed via Kext Helper, along with the patched AppleHDA. 1 - Not to say I have any knowledge on if this is the case, but it'd make for an interesting hardware issue if it was.
  3. SwitchResX is showing up "Not Installed" for me. Like so: http://cl.ly/image/0x1W2s0g1R2R/i.png Rebooting doesn't work, either. Is there something I'm missing?
  4. Removed Safe Boot and it appears to be working. Awesome that the mic is working now, too! I have the mentioned LGD 9DMK2. I'll be willing to test anything OS-end, definitely.
  5. It's not necessarily that it delays, but rather it just stops working until I reboot. I know this is due to the ALC269 codec, but I don't understand why it only sometimes works; it seems to be something that either always works or never works, from what I've read. It seems to be up to luck for me, though.
  6. I'm sure this has been answered before and I'm just getting confused, but my sound only occasionally will cut out on wake. Mostly, it stops working (even with CodecCommander and patched AppleHDA and new SSDTs etc, even using the predefined package) but there have been quite a few times where it's come back right away without reboot. I apologize for asking questions in this regard, but I'm not sure if this is a bug of sorts or just me missing/not understanding something. Side note: I changed my SSDTs from the N4110 (which they had been since I got the system working) to Vostro 3450 SSDTs, and the display artifacts from before significantly decreased. Unfortunately, there are still some minor cases where artifacts pop up, but not nearly as badly as before.
  7. So the fan issue was my own problem, and has been resolved. However, brightness and sound both don't work. From what I've been reading here, it'd make sense for the sound card to appear but have no sound. However, the typical "Speakers"/"Headphones" entries don't appear anywhere. I likely missed something, but I'm not sure where to go next. Upon updating my VoodooPS2 and removing IOWMIFamily, I've been unable to control brightness. Even bringing back IOWMIFamily still doesn't allow for it, and the system doesn't even respond to me using the brightness slider in the prefpane. edit: So, the brightness issue and another plethora of other problems have been found to be caused by me using the N4110 SSDTs when I should have been using the Vostro SSDTs. I'm now surprised the system was working at any point.
  8. Since upgrading to 10.9.2, reinstalling kexts, etc, I've noticed that my fan runs at the highest speed. HWMonitor doesn't mention anything about the fan (it used to show fan RPM in 10.9.1), so I can't just set it to passive. The temp usually resides around 50C - 65C (where it should be a more passive speed), unless I'm using something with more intense graphics or watching a 1080p video, in which it'll go up to 75C - 80C (where the fan usually starts going, when it works as expected). I'm sorta worried about repatching FakeSMC.kext, since the new kext seems to be the only reason my WiFi card doesn't crash, assuming the issue would even be near FakeSMC.
  9. From the first post: The DSDT patches should have disabled this, I'd think? Regardless, it wouldn't work anyway.
  10. Trying that out now and it seems fine so far, but the artifacts sometimes take a while to show up, so I'll probably update this tomorrow with more news. UPDATE: It didn't work, sadly. Made the screen a bit brighter though! Although I'm not sure if that's a result of the override or some other unassociated element.
  11. My board ID is 05TM8C. As far as the EDID goes, I'll have to look into that. Would I be wrong to assume there are programs to help modify one's EDID? Ah, that makes sense, thinking back to what would have triggered it. I'll try it out next time it happens (or just try to avoid hitting that key altogether). Thanks!
  12. Sorry about the late reply, I've been working on some other stuff and haven't had much time to sit down at this system. It's interesting to me, but the InjectIntel problem was fixed by replacing the EDID in the config.plist for Clover with one I found with DarwinDumper. The EDID is as follows: 00ffffffffffff0030e4e9020000000000140104901f11780ab7a59758568f271f505400000001010101010101010101010101010101581b567e50000e302430350035ae10000019de12569a50001a302430350035ae10000019000000fe0039444d4b32803134305748340a0000000000004131940100000001010a2020007f I'm not sure what you mean by "board number" (or, if you mean motherboard serial, how I'd get that off of OSX), but I'll look for it in BIOS and update this when I grab that. I still get artifacts, although I don't see "fuzzy squares", per se. More, I see lines that go across the screen that appear to be garbage data from what was previously stored in the display/graphics memory/I don't even know where. They "stick" as though they were just some window, and I'll see them scroll with windows, hide behind windows (yet stay there), go over windows, etc. They can be blocks or lines, they flicker with videos/animations/etc, and they can easily go away just by minimizing and restoring a window, or allowing the system to go into the screensaver. I don't know if this is what's classified as graphics artifacts, but this is what I'm seeing and it seems like not many people see this. Also, I've lately had an issue with what I'd assume is the VoodooPS2Controller.kext. The trackpad will occasionally just shut off. I've tried using the disable/enable trackpad hotkey, and the orange light above the trackpad toggles as such, but the trackpad remains frozen. Sometimes it'll "unstuck" after a little while, but usually I have to cold reboot the system. And to be honest, neither of these issues really bug me as anything more than what I dealt with on other systems with more esoteric OSes, but if I can help work to fix these issues in any way whether they're of my fault or just some odd hardware difference, I'll be glad to help.
  13. I looked through and I'm almost wondering if there's something significantly different about my display. My EDID vendor ID is 30e4, with a device ID of 2e9. This doesn't match either folder, unless I missed something. Should I try seeing if I can patch my own EDID, or is another display similar?
  14. So I've spotted another thing, and I'm not sure if this is the HD3000 or a software thing, but OSX seems to be generating weird graphics artifacts at times, which can appear especially when watching videos in Flash (but appears elsewhere). Flipping between windows can get rid of the artifacts, as long as the window is completely removed from the screen. A small example: http://cl.ly/image/3Q0U3E1A3R3Q Sometimes it can show large chunks of text or images that I viewed somewhere else, not always on-screen at that time. The artifacts never get too big, though.
  15. I remember there being a DSDT for the N5110 that I could apply to my laptop for the battery, but I'm honestly not sure of if flashing to the modded BIOS would change how that DSDT works. Anyway, I tried removing the patch from config.plist as you said and it didn't seem to affect much. Still no brightness and I still have to disable InjectIntel, which is odd regarding to what you said about it. It has all zeroed out values though, so could it be "zeroing out" the actual Intel values needed? Or would Clover just ignore said values? EDIT: Interesting thing-- After waking the system from sleep, the battery goes from "Battery" to "Charging" mode. Still says 0% and doesn't actually detect if it's plugged in or not, though. EDIT 2: I got brightness and battery working! I used the attached DSDT, found here: http://www.tonymacx86.com/lion-laptop-support/30465-guide-dell-inspiron-14r-n4110-sandy-bridge-lion-9.html#post290208 Working on sound right now, but I think that's my own error and not the tutorial's. N4110-dsdt.aml.zip
  16. I seem to have hit a bit of a roadblock, and I'm not sure what I missed. When I boot normally, the screen goes black, but still lit up. If I disable InjectIntel in Clover's configuration menu, it works fine, but without brightness. I have a Dell N4110 with Intel HD 3000 graphics, and I'm using the Vostro OEM folder in Clover (renamed for the N4110). Also, as a less important problem, my battery seems to be detected, but shows a 0% charge and can't to tell if it's on Battery or not. I can keep my laptop on AC most of the time anyway, so it's not much of a worry for me.
  17. I have run into an issue with dual monitors that might be less unique than I might think, although I haven't been able to find this exact issue anywhere. I have an OSx86 Lion (10.7.3) system with a GeForce GT 620 PCIe (EVGA), and both monitors will go into "Sleep Mode" when they're both plugged in. No matter what port I use, as long as I just have one plugged in, everything works fine. I've tried NVEnabler, which locks up at: NVEnabler: probe: ROM shadow enable I have also tried installing official GeForce/Quadro drivers from nVidia's site for 10.7.3, which gave me native resolutions, but didn't fix the dual monitor issue. Other specs: Dell Inspiron 530 Core 2 Quad @ 2.40 GHz 3GB RAM Thanks in advance