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  1. @Hervé I haven't been active here in 10+ years haha I enjoyed reading your sig, got me feeling all nostalgic about my inspiron 1420 days. Anyways I have been trying to dig around as I have got both a Radeon 7970 and this same Intel HD 4600 in my 4770k based rig. I cannot boot the thing unless I keep the intel graphics disabled at uefi or clover level (no injection). I have seen the odd comment suggesting running both cards won't work but I can't seem to find why exactly that is. I have played around with some device ids in clover configurator but to no avail. Seems to get stuck halfway booting with injection enabled. I have read that its similar behavior to an iMac without a screen? Any ideas?
  2. I had the same problems until i realized that all you need is the name and a kernel set up to the 'boot' file that comes with chameleon. just type this into your menu.lst ex/ title(press tab twice)Mac OS X Leopard (press tab once)kernel(press tab once)(your directory to the 'boot' file)(example if its on the root grub partition and located in /boot/grub/ then it would be "/boot/grub/boot") thats it, thats all, then type your drive number in at the prompt. or if you want you could setup grub so then it maps your os x drive to be first. then all you have to do is press enter on mac and then you can let it boot up hands free!! Hope this helps!!
  3. sese

    EEE PC 901 anyone?

    http://eeepc-osx.wikispaces.com/901 follow the following things you must donwload and install the bios mod by kabal to enable hyperthreading in order to greatly improve boot time there is nothing on this machine that doesnt work but the sound
  4. sese

    ALC269 Unsupported Device!?

    As far as I know the whole eee series from asus runs off of these chips and support would be greatly appreciated. I myself am running a 901 series eee pc. hda patcher says unsupported codec!!?? Thanks ahead of time!!! ALC269.txt
  5. Asus EEE PC 901 critical bios update, plz modify. atom n270 1.6ghz gma 950 EeePC9011202.zip
  6. Well I was on the phone for a couple of hours with dell and they admitted that there was a problem, they admitted that it would fail earlier than a normal card anyways, and by saying those two things I knew that this was a stunt to try to push people out of there warranties, so in turn the consumer gets screwed. I asked them if now that I have phoned with concerns about this particular issue would they replace it out of warranty, and they said no. So now I am screwed and helpless. So at the end of my angry phone call I told them I swear on my future mother's grave I would never buy a Dell again and I sure as hell won't.
  7. "SANTA CLARA, CA—JULY 2, 2008—NVIDIA plans to take a one-time charge from $150 million to $200 million against cost of revenue for the second quarter to cover anticipated warranty, repair, return, replacement and other costs and expenses, arising from a weak die/packaging material set in certain versions of its previous generation GPU and MCP products used in notebook systems. Certain notebook configurations with GPUs and MCPs manufactured with a certain die/packaging material set are failing in the field at higher than normal rates. To date, abnormal failure rates with systems other than certain notebook systems have not been seen. NVIDIA has initiated discussions with its supply chain regarding this material set issue and the Company will also seek to access insurance coverage for this matter. Regarding the notebook field failures, NVIDIA president and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang stated: "Although the failure appears related to the combination of the interaction between the chip material set and system design, we have a responsibility to our customers and will take our part in resolving this problem. The GPU has become an increasingly important part of the computing experience and we are seeing more interest by PC OEMs to adopt GPUs in more platforms. Recognizing that the GPU is one of the most complex processors in the system, it is critical that we now work more closely with notebook system designers and our chip foundries to ensure that the GPU and the system are designed collaboratively for the best performance and robustness." Today's high performance notebooks are highly complex systems with extreme thermal environments. The combination of limited thermal management and frequent power cycling is particularly challenging for complex processors like the GPU. Huang added, "This has been a challenging experience for us. However, the lessons we've learned will help us build far more robust products in the future, and become a more valuable system design partner to our customers. As for the present, we have switched production to a more robust die/package material set and are working proactively with our OEM partners to develop system management software that will provide better thermal management to the GPU"." Source: http://www.nvidia.com/object/io_1215037160521.html What this means for the users of the M 8400 and M 8600 series? Instead of a recall Nvidia is promoting that OEM's make BIOS updates. These BIOS updates are meant to turn the fan of the laptop up. Which makes the affected chips last longer. But think about it, all these BIOS updates are doing is prolonging the faulty product's inevitable end, in turn pushing most of us out of our warrenties, and making us pay for the defect. For a list of BIOS updates from Dell visit Here- http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10000353-1.html For a list of affected laptops and BIOS updates from HP visit here- http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...189&lang=en For confirmation that this is true visit PC Worlds article here- http://www.pcworld.com/article/149055/2008...tml?tk=rss_news
  8. sese

    Asus eee pc 901

    Just as an fyi the processor in the 901 is an atom n270 which does NOT support x64. currently working on an install can still use efi but no 64 bit.
  9. sese

    Leopard Server?

    Anyone Tried Installing Leopard Server Using BOOT-123? Cause that would be a whole different spectrum to look at because I would love to run completely server operating systems on my laptop.
  10. well the fan application works for my rig not that I need it cause my cpu never even hits 40 degrees. Macgirl it probably doesnt work cause your rig is an xps compared to my inspiron.
  11. just regarding the shutdown/ reboot problem, isn t there a way to force unloading of kexts after aqua is unloaded? because i see the problem being that the window system (aqua) is dependant on the graphics kexts so i see that it makes sense if you could script unloading of the graphics kexts right after aqua quits wouldn t it work? I base this on the assumption that the 8400 isn t supported in the kexts themselves but rely on the same engine as all the other 8 series so it works with injectors or gfx strings. thus there is a problem where the kexts won t unlock themselves, to get unloaded in the shutdown routine, for the 8400 in the new dell machines.
  12. A lot of the new dell laptops can be supported using this guide. it may help you out http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=83039
  13. My loginwindow crashes on boot after trying to re enable the transparent menu drop downs as shown on the insanelymac home page, any way to fix other than repairing permissions?
  14. Happy Easter Insanelymac!!!!! How do I add my wireless connection back to my menu bar because I installed that IONetworkingFamily.kext to fix time machine and now I have to manually connect to a network using system preferences, networking panel.
  15. Does anyone have any idea as to how to fix a restored install from time machine because after I restored from the install disc it started to freeze after it had actually found the boot device