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  1. Apple Heart Surgery

    Getting a bit off topic here... i thought at first you wanted a clear side with the aluminum apple logo.. now I think you want to light up the logo like a macbook pro.. i think the OP meant one of those table mount jigsaws that hobbyists use. not a handheld unit. you can get some fine metal cutting and diamond blades. but those panels are thick. you might be able to rough cut it with some power tool then file it into perfection..
  2. Apple Heart Surgery

    Amazing work. you are taking a peice of art and making it into somthing new, yet, just as beautiful.. maybe even better.
  3. G5 Hackintosh (mostly done)

    Ouch.. I have not seen this issue yet. I have 3 boards with the HD4000 and no issues yet. All 3 have run Win7, Win8 and Mountain Lion. All 3 are also ASrock. 1x z77 PRO4 M w/ I5 3570k, 1x z77E -ITX w/ I7 3770k 1x H77M-ITX w/ I5 3570k. (I thought I had an Extreme, but I have the PRO. That's one reason I was pretty excited about your build.. still should be usable) GL with this issue. I cant wait to see the finished build.
  4. G5 Hackintosh (mostly done)

    I got my G5 in the post on Monday. Unfortunately it suffered damage in shipping. The bottom feet were a bit smashed and it suffered some case separation along the bottom of the door... I think it still has 3 or 4 good screw posts on the bottom, they didn't all pop. I think it can be fix. it will just be a PITA. On top of this.. it is also quite a bit scuffed up.. The good news is. I scored another gutted G5 shell for $15 off craigslist. I can start with that one while deal with shipping disputes to try and get a refund for the damages. I’ll probably start a new thread myself for my project over the weekend. I’m still trying to gather up parts for my build to get “all my ducks in a row” before I kick it off.
  5. G5 Hackintosh (mostly done)

    I know what you mean about the bigger is better. I was asking about the drive bays because I was interested in how you would tackle wiring them up. The MacPro's 4 Drive sleds look to be pretty straight forward to wire up. I was planning to start with the G5 mod first because my G5 is a bit dinged up. My MacPros are brand new with the shrink-wrap still on them. Good luck with the build!
  6. G5 Hackintosh (mostly done)

    Subbed. I am definitely going to follow this thread very closely. I had just purchased the exact same hardware for a PC build.... I then "Came into" 2 Intel Power Mac shells and 1 complete G5 this week. I am not 100% what my plans are at this point. I think i will mod at least 2 of these cases into Hack's. Possibly one into a file server.. Time will tell. I Was going to pick up another mATX board that was on another forums recommended list, If you can get the ASrock up and running, I'll use the same board also. Possibly borrowing some of your build for other things also. Do you plan to try to reuse the CPU covers and drive trays? I want to try and keep my build as stock as possible looking, even on the inside. however, I am not against cutting the back of the chassis for the I/O panel just to keep the inside less cluttered from cable extensions.