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  1. hi guys... following this video tutorial (from iatkos.me), but selecting MBR instead GUID TB in options, i was able to boot ML2... so i think the problem is in the chameleon bootloader.... i wish try to install 10.8.4 pre with the bootloader in video, u think it will work?
  2. i make a bootable usb of iAtkos ML2 with transmac, i've enabled uefi, but when i boot from usb, it say "operating system not found"
  3. this is mine chameleon log file maybe u can find some error i can't see... i really need help EDIT someone was able to install 10.8.4 preinstalled?
  4. when i put boot1h in the root of USB, it say me the same error O_O so i can't do the 2nd step
  5. Zulakis, on 07 Jul 2013 - 01:29 AM, said: so why when i boot from usb i have boot0: done boot1: error ?????????????? (chameleon is installed)
  6. so why when i boot from usb i have boot0: done boot1: error ?????????????? (chameleon is installed)
  7. http://imgur.com/K8HuRtV i can't click on it
  8. how i can do it? When i restore it will format as source... i need help
  9. i just done what u said, but when i boot from usb it say boot 0: done boot 1: error i tried UEFI enabled/disabled... same thing... what can i do?
  10. which steps i must to follow to install OS X 10.8.4 Preinstalled?
  11. sorry. i had a problem installing 10.8.2 usb... when i must delete .kext, some miss! What can i do?
  12. however gf106 is in the list sure? cuz if "Limit CPUID Max" is "turbo mode power limit lock", it's enabled by default and i can't find "Execute Disable bit".... where is it?
  13. the iatkos ml3u guide says... - nvidia vga cards from G80 core to the newest kepler series (G80, G84, G86, G92, G94, G96, G98, C79, GT200, GT215, GT216, GT218, GF100, GF104, GF106, GF108, GF110, GF114, GF116, GF119, GK104, GK106, GK107) are supported on 10.8.3. This does not mean that all of them will work (of course) but most of them will work out of box (OOB) with iATKOS ML3U. Some of them will work with issues (some are known issues and some may not be) and some of them may not work. You will have to try and see it yourself. ______________________________________________ - Network - Common wired and wireless network devices listed below will be auto-detected by iATKOS ML3U and most of them will work OOB. - Users that have other compatible network devices will have to search for the drivers to make them work on OS X. Supported chips: Wired: - Intel Gigabit and Intel Pro/100 - Realtek RTL 8139/8111/8168 - Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114/AR8131/AR8151/AR8161/AR8171/AR8132/AR8152/ AR8162/AR8172 - Broadcom BCM57780, BCM57781, BCM57785 - Marvell 88E8035, 88E8036, 88E8038, 88E8039, 88E8056, 88E8001 Wireless: Some chips (ie. Atheros ar5008, Broadcom BCM4311) are natively supported by OS X. So, this is not the complete wifi support list of OS X, this is the additional support list. - Atheros 9285, 9287, 9227 - Broadcom 4312, 4321, 4322, 43224, 43225, 43227, 43228 (Some of these broadcom chips need rebranding in order to work on OS X.) maybe i said wrong about wifi.... but nvidia 500 series is "gf114"
  14. hi everyone... is possible to install ML3 changing BIOS settings with a A19 Modded bios? i can't find just the long lines settigs: - BIOS settings: - Set your BIOS to its default settings - Execute Disable bit: Enabled ______________________________________________________________ - Limit CPUID Max: Disabled ________________________________________________________________ i think this is "turbo mode power limit lock" - Set all cores of the CPU active/enabled - Virtualization (if exists): Enabled or Disabled, try it. - Hyper-threading: Enabled _________________________________________________________________ this may be enabled by default - HPET (High Precision Event Timer/PCH): Enabled - SATA Mode: AHCI - Set all the Overclock/Performance/Turbo etc. values to Auto ______________________________________ - Enable UEFI boot it'll be great... ML3 will recognize GPU and WiFi card!!! thk u very much