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  1. For anyone experiencing difficulties with the FX570M use these kexts and follow these instructions. http://adf.ly/ObMkI Decompress the Extra Folder, you will see an "_Kexts_For_System" in Extensions. Put all kexts in System/Library/Extension with Kextwizard or something similar. ML developer preview worked. All the credit goes to cdyFlorian.
  2. Thank you for your response my friend. As far as your problem the computer may be overheating I haven't had the time to try it yet but I know there are several temp control options you may want to explore. Thank you for your response I am not running any Lenovo software on my Windows partition. I will order it and come back with feedback.
  3. For everybody with a FX570M t61p, install Mountian Lion for full QE/CL support. Also you will need to install middleton bios to remove wifi card white list and unlock Sata II 3.0 Speeds. List of cards that will work are here http://www.insanelym...00#entry1866982 Also sleep may be solved by following these commands; 1.Opening up the terminal and typing "sudo pmset lidwake 0" (without the quotes obviously). This is the only unnecessary step but it helped other problems I had where the screen would open and would be completely black, so I would recommend doing this, this just prevents your computer from automatically waking from sleep when you open the lid and you just have to press the power button to wake from sleep. 2. Next type "sudo pmset hibernatemode 3". Not sure what the 3 mode does differently but it defaults to 1. You can check that all these commands worked properly by typing "sudo pmset -g". Make sure you spelled hibernatemode and lidwake right because I don't have my Hackintosh in front of me so I am spelling them from memory. 3. Next just restart your computer and hit F2 at the dell screen to open your BIOS. Go to the advanced tab I believe and disable the option "Legacy USB support". Thanks to element4lifex8 for this. I have not yet tried the sleep fix but will come back with feedback once I do.
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    Hello everyone, my name is Jorge and I will not rest until I have a fully functional Lenovo t61p Mountain Lion hackintosh, Work is in progress and will even post a full guide once done. Wish me luck!
  5. Has anybody run the Atheros AR5BXB112 on Windows 7 or 8? I want to purchase it, my only concern is I'll be siwtching back and forth between ML and the Windows OS and as far as I have been able to search, there are no Widnows drivers for this card. Any help will be gretaly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Ps;I know OP has stated it does work in Windows I just want to confirm.