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  1. OS X Annoyances

    I hate the fact that you can only manually resize windows on one corner I hate that there is no included British PC keyboard layout (I found a driver from Logitech that included one when I installed my wireless mouse though) I hate most of all that the home and end keys do not do anything. How can I map cmd+ arrows to these? And a few Safari annoyances: I hate that the back button is so close to the X button I hate that when you go to a site with video, say, and Safari does not have the plug in, it doesn't damn well offer to find it for you, like Firefox or Windows IE will. On a PC the scroll wheel will affect whatever you are hovered over, so on a web page with a scrolling area if you hover over it and scroll the wheel first of all it scrolls the area, then when that has reached the bottom only then will it scroll the page. I really wish Safari would do that (or a bit more consistently anyway) I really like the way in Windows you can minimise a window by clicking its icon in the task bar - handy when you just maximised the wrong one. In OSX maximised windows are not in the dock, so you can't do that.
  2. Greatest Mac in History

    G5s don't do it for me. I mean they are just fast powerful G3s. What's the point of a fast powerful mac anyway? It's not like you can get any software that actually uses the power. Old macs were small, clever, efficient. Little jewels. The best macs are the 512k - which is what the original was meant to be but for the price of RAM in 1984. I've still got mine and I'm never chucking it away. It was truly revolutionary - the manual actually explains the concept behind scroll bars, such was their novelty. I like the Plus, too - still got one of those too. The powerbook 180 - genius design, lovely screen (16 greys - wow!) and System 7.1, the best operating system Apple made until OSX. The original bondi blue iMac - the first PowerPC mac that didn't suck, though the OS is just a terrible bloated slow ugly version of System 7. The one that saved Apple. Finally the blue and white G3. ooh how I wanted one of those. The next legendary mac is still to come. The Mac IIci that I had was fab too - really liked that - very powerful in its day, very expandable, and System 7.1 of course. The Mac classic I had was cute but silly. The color Classics were really nice though, especially when modded to G4s and forced to run OSX! The newest mac I have is a PowerMac 7600 which I absolutely hate. It's rubbish. It was rubbish when it was new. The Hackintosh I'm typing this on is rather fab though. Using OSX has made me seriously tempted by a new Intel Mac Mini.
  3. Broadcom Netxtreme 57xx with semthex kernel

    I too have a Dell Dimension 8400, with the Broadcom 5721 id 1677. I had to change the SATA mode to combination before OSX would let me network. I also had to change my network settings from "automatic" to "manual with dhcp", and specify my own ip address. Then it all started working. My MAC address is all the zeros, and it crashes if I try to set it with ifconfig, but I've got internet, so it doesn't matter. I'm typing this in OSX now. The only downer is that Windows will not boot unless I set the SATA mode back again. oh well. The other thing I noticed is that with the SATA mode set to "combination" OSX is Sooooooo much faster.