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  1. Yeah that made bit of a difference. Any kext for changing the brightness or am I correct in saying this is linked to the nividia card ?
  2. Ah cheers nice one, Ill give it a shot when im back home
  3. Hey just wanted to say thanks for this great guide and the files provided. Worked perfectly for me. I bought an internal wifi mini pcie card to get over the lack of wi-fi. Only thing I miss from Windows is the sound quality due to the "Dell audio" panel tweaks. Thanks again
  4. Ralink RTL8188SU

    The internal card is a dynamode wl-700n-mod
  5. Hi guys, Installed Lion 10.7.2 perfectly on my Dell L702X , obviously the only thing that isnt working is the Intel WiFi card. I bought a dynamode wl-700n-mod which is based on the Ralink RTL8188SU chip, but I can only find drivers for 10.6 for it. Im assuming like windows sometimes older drivers might work on newer os versions ? I also seen somewhere that you have to force osx to see the hardware device by its hardware ID in the terminal , is that correct? If so how do you do it exactly ? Cheers, Paul
  6. Ralink RTL8188SU

    Hi guys, I bought an internal mini-pcie card wifi card based on this chip, but cannot seem to find drivers specific for 10.7, only for 10.6 .5 and .4 Installed the drivers for 10.6 thinking they might work, but osx is still not detecting it. Im pretty sure I read somewhere that you have to force the operating system to see the device by the device ID in the terminal is that right ? If so, how do I do that? If not, how do i get wifi Dell L702x - NON-3D model i7 2630QM