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  1. Leo4Allv3

    Nice work eddie... I do have a feeling that this version 3 would solve my problem with my old amd (MSI K8N-Neo2 Platium).... I did follow your advice and did try to inject the old nforce chipset kext found on a working 10.4.8 tiger ( that installs without any problem with my setup) And now that i notice that you added something similar to this to your up and coming release... I do believe it would be a snap, installing your leo4all v3 on my old and ever loyal amd 3800 x2 setup..... So excited to get a hold of this and install it into my rig.. Great Job master......
  2. hi there my friend..... Thanks for this info abt the new kernel for amd... i do hope that this will resolve my installation problem with the amd setup that i have... many thanks again....
  3. Hi Guru Eddie11c, thanks for letting me be part of your betatesters..... and so sorry for my late feedback to you about testing it... I did encounter some NForce errors... I think its becoz of my old chipset... my mobo is still an old msi k8n-neo2 platinum with an an NForce-3 chipset... 1 quick question... can i modify or inject an old NForce.kext or and old kernel.. since i was able to install tiger 10.4.10 and leopard 10.5.1... can i use the NForce.kext files from these versions? Anyway, Hopefully your latest and final release is out and hope that this 1 would work... realy Great work Master..... And hopefully soon i'll be obtaining a newer mobo and amd processor and install onto it u rfinal release... Thanks again....
  4. Leo4All

    I'm very interested and hopefully be included to test run and report to you any finding that i may find in your leopard osx 10.5.2 installer setup... just inform me when and where can we get it up for testing.... My current setup is: Processor : amd 3500+ (venice) Motherboard : msi k8n-neo2 platinum Video Card : inno3d 7600 gs agp - 512mb Memory installed : 4 gb dual channel kingston hyper-x DVD Writer : asus DRW-1814BLT dvd writer (sata) Harddisk : 250 gb western digital (ide) 320 gb western digital (ide) 400 gb Seagate (sata) Current installed osx: osx tiger 10.4.10 by tubgirl (installed on 250 gb western digital - ide drive) JaS 10.4.8 AMD Intel SSE2 SSE3 - (installed on 320 gb western digital - ide drive) Thanks in advance.....