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  1. “@TechXero: 5 Google App updates! Wow!”much update so new many amaze wow google doge

  2. “@jeb_: Woho! Minecraft (PC) has now sold over 13,000,000 copies! \o/” And still I didn't get my copy cause broke ._.

  3. My desktop got the holiday treatment thanks to @MakeUseOf! http://t.co/xYN9xF3hsa

  4. They patched OS X’s kernel to work on AMD processors? Wow http://t.co/mIAK6NZwNt

  5. “@iErayDursun: I had a dream that a new Mac Pro showed up at my door…” I have a dream, like Dr. King

  6. Listening to ♫ Rap God by Eminem via @skiptunes