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  1. Stuck on iatkos l2 boot

    Sorry one more question is it possible to get sleep mode to work? whenever I put it into sleep mode my case fans don't turn off.
  2. I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade from 10.7.4 to 10.8 on an iatkos l2 install with no problems? also I was wondering if there is a program that I can download that will allow me to control the fan speeds on my GTX 480? something similar to MSI afterburner maybe?
  3. Stuck on iatkos l2 boot

    Ok, thanks for all the help guys I really appreciate it.
  4. Stuck on iatkos l2 boot

    Ok that seems to have done the trick I can finally get into the initial setup of my account etc. now, but my keyboard isn't working so I can't get passed the create your computer account, any ideas on how to fix that? It's a logitech keyboard plugged in through ps2 port.
  5. Stuck on iatkos l2 boot

  6. Stuck on iatkos l2 boot

    Ok, I booted into -v and this is what it got hung up on. So I figured out that my bios was set on IDE instead of ahci so I fixed that it got past the boot then it comes to a screen that says your computer needs to be restarted hold power button etc. I ran -v again and it ran through everything and it got stuck on a grey screen after listing everything. What is the problem now?
  7. Stuck on iatkos l2 boot

    I can't seem to get it to stop and let me type in -v, I'm going to make a video showing you guys how it boots etc. and maybe that will help you guys more.
  8. Stuck on iatkos l2 boot

    How do I boot with -v? sorry I am a newb at this.
  9. Stuck on iatkos l2 boot

    Ok, so I downloaded iatkos l2 burnt it to a dvd via transmac and it installed fine I checked all the drivers etc. I needed but when I go to boot the finished install it get hung up on the apple boot logo but a circle with a cross through it pops up after a few minutes, what is wrong with my install? specs: i7 930, EVGA x58 SLI 132-bl-e758 a1, 12GB 2000mhz XMS3, GTX 480 in SLI, 1TB WD HDD black caviar,sony sata DVD RW. Here is a pic that shows what I am talking about