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  1. First Hackintosh, need some advices

    Haha Yeah, my native language is where croissants and bread were born ! I try to do my best in English. By my posts, it really shows that I am French ?
  2. First Hackintosh, need some advices

    And here are the files: HWMonitor and OpenHardwareMonitor : http://www.mediafire.com/?5fyrizhjwszw950 Hoping that this will help you and help me at the same time I also have a question a little bit subsidiary, I intend to also install Mountain Lion on my laptop X53SV which is an ASUS. Do you think this can be done ?
  3. First Hackintosh, need some advices

    I had to reinstall OS X to make it work again. I'll try it again few days later, history of enjoy the weather ! For the files, I will send it in the morrow at dusk
  4. First Hackintosh, need some advices

    With GraphicsEnabler, i got stuck on the apple logo.
  5. First Hackintosh, need some advices

    I found this for my graphics card : http://www.osx86.net/view/2597-nvidia_geforce_gtx_680_***efi_string***j_...html How should I install that ?
  6. First Hackintosh, need some advices

    Thank hugely JamesLittler, rockinron_1, TheRacerMaster and also InsanelyMac community ! Thank you for your friendliness and patience you have given me. Don't change anything, you are the best forum for people seeking OSX on Windows ! Thank you very much again, you were such a great help !
  7. First Hackintosh, need some advices

    Thanks for your reply My mouse is a G700, a laser mouse. Ok, with regard to hard drives, that comforts me. I'm just not format anywhere. And according to you, do you think OS X is it healthy for components of my computer ? It will don't heat up more than usual and will not degrade performance ? (i7 3770k, GTX 680, Asus Maximus V Formula) At the same time, the dual boot is not going to damage my computer ? Do you think is there a solution to the problem of dual monitor ?
  8. First Hackintosh, need some advices

    No it's fine, actually it's works well JamesLittler, thank you I just have some little questions. Let's say I installed OS X on a hard disk and Windows on SSD. I also have another hard drive for Windows 7 (music, images, videos). ...Do you think that if I plugged them in the same time and insert a dual-boot (Chameleon, by putting the hard drive as primary boot OSX.) do they will work? ...If, for example, I start OS X, do the other drives will they be affected by OS X (SSD and HDD Windows 7) or they will only be disabled (turn off) ? Because I'm too afraid that OS X can write on my other hard drives and the corrompres them since I have important files. ...Also, is that run OS X is he good for the health of my computer and my other drives (SSD W7, HDD W7) ? The dual-boot does not risk damaging my computer hardrive (CPU, Graphics Card, Motherboard) ? I'm a little paranoid, but this is all new to me, so I prefer to know everything about everything Oh yeah also, a few hours ago, I installed my second monitor. Everything worked very well. But when restart my PC (with two monitors installed), I had a small problem. My computer got stuck on a white screen. If I started up my PC with a single screen, everything works fine. I just need to reconnect the second monitor when I'm on the OSX desktop so I can use both screens. Is there a solution for this ? And finally, is there a solution to improve the precision of my mouse ? Because on OSX, I feel that it isn't too reactive, and accurate that Windows 7 does. I have heard of hardware acceleration, is this what gives the comfort to the mouse?
  9. First Hackintosh, need some advices

    I have an Intel Gigabit Ethernet Controller
  10. First Hackintosh, need some advices

    I re-made a fully installation of ML, and the Ethernet port still not recognizable. What should I do ? I tried everything else.
  11. First Hackintosh, need some advices

    I installed "Realtek81xx by lnx2mac" and my ethernet still not recognized :/ But it's weird, I also check "Ethernet Built In" in Chameleon Wizard and always the same result. No ethernet port recognized.
  12. First Hackintosh, need some advices

    So I make the commands line and everything works very well ! That's wonderful ! Thank you infinitely ! But there is a little problem ^^ I tried to install AppleIntelE1000e.kext with Kext Utility, but the ethernet port is not recognized. Should I use another kext?
  13. First Hackintosh, need some advices

    I tried the boot with -s but I am stuck on this screen and I can't type anything : Oh no that fine ! It was just my keyboard not work
  14. First Hackintosh, need some advices

    Good afternoon everyone ! So I decided to resumed my installation of Mountain Lion with your idea rockinron_1, and effectively it's working ! The installation goes smoothly. When the reboot begin, I go to the install USB to make the part 3.B. However when I want to reboot again, a second kernel panic appears ! : Despite of this kernel panic, booting with -x works well (not well because i can't set up my ethernet, it make me restart from the beginning) and I can go to the ML desktop ! But without Internet,Sound Is this kernel panic is commun ?
  15. First Hackintosh, need some advices

    I probably chose the wrong file. I will try to do the same thing with the other file, then I will contact you Good Night ! I need to sleep a little bit...