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  1. ASUS VX7 Lamborghini (Need help with CPU & its monitoring)

    Ok I'll figure it out how to do that and try. Hope it'll help me to get rid of those lags (it's lagging only when resizing something). I'm more than sure it is because of low frequency... Thank you! And can you advise me some app which can show the current CPU frequency? Becs HWmonitor, SMC monitor don't work...
  2. Hi guys! I have installed Mountain Lion on my Asus VX7. I got almost everything working but I have some problem with CPU and it's frequency monitoring. Everything works cool, OS sees all 4 cores, interface animation goes smooth, I can play native games with a full graphic acceleration BUT! For example when I'm workin in Logic Pro, Studio One or Ableton and resizing windows inside those apps (like piano roll, mixer) it goes pretty laggy... Resizing the browser window is laggy too... I tried thoose programs in windows 7 (but Logic) and resizing goes laggy only when I set "battery saving" mode in TurboBoost. When I set "high perfomance" mode, every animation goes smooth. So, I suppose when I'm on OSX ML my CPU frequency is pretty low... I can only suppose because any monitoring software doesn't work for me (like HWmonitor, SMC monitor, CPU-i). I-STAT working but it doesn't show the CPU frequency, only usage... PStateMenu everytime says "VoodooPState not loaded" (but the kext installed) If someone of you have Asus G73SW and you resolve that problem, please tell me how. VX7 and G73SW have the same hardware... almost...
  3. Can't Enable SpeedStep...

    I have installed the kext you attached and the app too BUT when I accessing PStateMenu it says "VoodooPState not loaded" Asus VX7 Lamborghini with Mountain Lion. I got almost everything working on my laptop but I dont think my CPU working at its full perfomance... Do you have any suggestions about that ""VoodooPState not loaded"?