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  1. -dropped on corner and cracked original front panel -bought everything from ifixit to complete repair -at some point in the repair the power button stopped working (i can't see that I damaged the 'volume and power button cable' but the symptoms are pointing that way, and I don't want to dive into it any further) http://www.ifixit.co...Cable/IF110-006 -I can send you video of the Ipad functioning to assure you that the screen repair functions as it should. -Ipad is in an assembled state, but I have not 'sealed it up' with the 3M adhesive included in the repair kit...so it's easy to open if you intend to complete the repair $300 via paypal OBO
  2. this is not offered as a solution, but this issue has been resolved on my machine -fresh install of mountain lion and I started getting the 'you restarted your machine....' greeting. Minor attempts to fix included uninstalling some recently installed packages. I decided to deal with the greeting on start up. -testing sleep function, my machine came back to life and my monitors never came back to life. Hard reset caused motherboard to post on startup and asked for 'default' or 'last known good' configuration. -I screwed up and hit default causing factory defaults....kernel panic on ML and Snow Leopard disks. -reconfigured all my bios settings no more greeting message Terrible solution, but welcome result.