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    hi guys.. my first post so be gentle... so, i got 10.5.5 running on one partition, but with no niceties such as 2 finger scrolling etc, but did get ethernet and also installed a wifi USB dongle so thats all good... then i got 10.6.3 running on another partition.. working well (but no networking at all) until i try to install anything else... then i get a KP at startup... i believe i need a picture of said panic via a verbose boot so here it should be at the bottom in attachments< due to me not being able to use flickR on here it does boot in safe mode (-x boot command) but i just want it to go back to working smoothly the problem started when i installed the wifi dongle to get networking, but it KP'd then, so i -x booted and used the uninstall utility that came with the package to remove the driver and utility, which it did.. but it's still KP'ing?? it's not the first time it's done this and i usually reinstall but it's getting to be a pain any help gratefully received but don't forget, as i said at the top, i am a complete newbie to this (although fairly competent with windows ) cheers guys Martyn