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  1. Did anybody try installing this release with VMWare on a Physical Partition.. I tried installing it with VMWare 6 in VMMachine 5 mode from Vista.. i got the message as "Error Loading Operating System" Anybody facing the same problem ?
  2. dude..u need to just change the .cdr extension to .iso thats u.. u ready to go...
  3. I am in the setup of this release... and i m installing it on an AMD64 SSE2 processor.. so which Kernel shud i select from the list..?? there r many... well thanks for this release
  4. GRUB boot the Vista ?

    i suggest u to try a bootloader utility named BCDEasy 1.5 its freely available to download.. it can easily solve ur problems in minutes.. i mean it has the options to add the boot entries for Linux, older Windows OS and the Mac OS X... just an awesome utility.. just give it a shot.
  5. Who is Mash?

    Maybe..... Kicking his own damn old BUSINESS... :censored2:
  6. Who is Mash?

    Thanks for clearing that up sHard....
  7. Who is Mash?

    Hey Mash..no offense here.... i mean ur Member No. is 4.... and ur the FOUNDER of this website... it wud be more interesting to know the 3 people who registered before u... isnt ?? i suppose that those might be some dummy users....just to test the functionality of the Website..
  8. Who is Mash?

    Hey Mash.... i m not able to understand y u wanna reveal urself..? i mean at all u have a private life ?? OR I guess is this some kinda GAG ??
  9. please post ur processor.., ur motherboard, the instructions supported by ur processor.. and the version of Mac OS X ur using..
  10. MacOSX_10.4.8DVD_AMD_SSE3_PPF1

    Anybody..having success with this PPF Release..? please mention it here....
  11. vista bootloader?

    I guess u ppl shud try BCDEasy 1.5 available for free just google it around.. this is the best BCD tool.which has capability of adding Linux and Mac partitions to the boot loader of Vista..
  12. installation mac on LG computer

    @marcushunt : if u want to buy for ur PC..pls go abd buy some RAM.. i mean 256MB is really low..atleast try to make that 512..also i wud say that..the AGP card that ur gonna buy of nVidia shud be atleast FX series or 6xxx series....
  13. Hi ppl, It has been a great day for me.. after striving really hard for the install of 10.4.8 AMD BETA TEST1 on my system..i must say i was rewarded in the end... and for this all credit goes to MYZAR..for his help.. I followed the steps below.. 1. Create a Virtual Machine as u wud usually make... 2. Then add a physical partition on which u gonna install the Mac OS X 10.4.8.. 3. Now after creating a Virtual Machine.Close the VMWare application.. 4. Then Go to the folder where ur Virtual Machine is saved.. usually its in My Documents -> My Virtual Machines. 5. then Open up the .vmx file of ur virtual machine. for instance in my case it was Mac.vmx. 6. then remove these two lines scsi0.present = "TRUE" scsi0.virtualDev = "lsilogic" otherwise u will repent initially as i did..LOL... 7. Now then Save the File and open the VMWare..and start the Install... 8.ENJOY THE NEW INSTALL.... PLEASE REPORT UR SUCCESS IF ANY FROM THIS GUIDE!!
  14. Kernel Panic During Boot of Install DVD

    you are trying to install the Mac OS X on the wrong machine...LOL.. and u have written the specs of ur processor all wrong...can u just tell me how ur able to connect an AMD64 processor to the A7xx based mother board...this was for the older Athlon processor... and the newer processors from AMD are needed to install Mac OS X.... Please check the instruction set supported by ur processor with CPU-Z utility for windows... EDIT: AMD SSE is not supported..the older versions require atleast AMD SSE2 and the newer version requires AMD SSE3..so thats the reason..
  15. Easy BCD..it the only answer to this question as it supports the x86 version of mac OS X... i m working with it...it just goes fine with my config..