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  1. Osx for i5 6600k z170 ?

    I can install by fake id but this is just time waste, i can wait for official support. They are release new skylake macs soon.
  2. Osx for i5 6600k z170 ?

    erm, my mistake, its new system, i have new habit, so i wrote wrong name xD its 6600k
  3. Osx for i5 6600k z170 ?

    thanks i will wait
  4. hi, first of all im extremely sorry if this question have been asked for many times, im new here, i just build system, gtx 970, i5 6600k obviously with z170 asus gaming pro. is the testing has been start? any success? guide me please.. if already success give me link please.
  5. Need Solution of PowerManagment(timeout)

    sir,i m sorry ir, i know i disturb u so much, actully m noob and u r smart. so, oviously i will ask questions sorry if i irritate u so, i m installing fresh mac.... so after these steps i'll do, install lan graphics,audio kexts, after that what i need to do?? Edit. installed fresh mac 10.8.5, lan working,graphics,audio(voodoo 2.7.3),usb, installed ur given link applepwer...,smc.. so what nxt??
  6. Need Solution of PowerManagment(timeout)

    Sir, how can i patch the applecpupowermanagment..?? i mean i have usb mac installer setup, windows(from which i talking to u) and a KP related installed mac(removed null then kep appears) so, what to do??
  7. Need Solution of PowerManagment(timeout)

    yaa, i installed mac from usb, i need to add nullcp on that usb install, liberaryextensions/?
  8. Need Solution of PowerManagment(timeout)

    sir, i deleted nullcpu and rebuild, after restart, kernel panic cpu was like sparking, anti surge helps me lol sir, how to fix now??
  9. Need Solution of PowerManagment(timeout)

    first off all really big thanks for giving ur time to noob... ok, deleted, and rebiulding cach.. so after that what i need to do?? should i deleted sleep enabler, fake smc or what
  10. hiii, installed 10.8.5 usb clover uefi mod installed perfectly.. lan(installed by a mu....software, graphics(aticontroller6000) , usb, audio(voodo 2.73), these are working.. Now problem is Power managment, pc cant sleep(its reboot after 2 3 wake up in sleep) 2nd problem is i m noob so, it will very very Big thanks to persons who can help me... ____________________ Processor: intel i5 2310 Mobo: Asus P8h61-M lx3 R2.0 Ram: Corsair 8gb vengence 1600mhz(mobo supports 1333mhz) GPU: Ati 6870 1gb.
  11. Sound, ethernet, Graphics are working, In attachment is settings screen shot of [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], Please guide me for fix sleep function..
  12. IS mac osx support Intel H61 chipset?
  13. Thanx man!, atleast one person reply... Is i5 will supportable with osx?
  14. I m using Asus P8h61-M lx3 cpu: intel i5 2310 Ram.corsair 4gb vengence 1600mhz GPU: Ati 6870 1gb... Which patched mac osx version will support i5 2310?? Please give me guide..
  15. I m using Asus P8h61-M lx3 Mobo Procssor: intel i5 2310 Ram.COrsair 4gb vengence 1600mhz GPU: Ati 6870 1gb... Which patched mac osx version will support i5 2310?? Please give me guide..