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  1. Alright, so I deleted the nvidia kext and I reinstalled the appleintel kexts as you told me (I really don't want to touch the bios ). I checked on a thousand forums what was wrong, and I checked if the device id in the kext's info was correct etc... but nothing is changing I still have 64mb and "apparently" a resolution of 1024x768... Do you know how it is possible to save a log (of the verbose mode screen)? I found out I probably have a problem with my processors (I can't use more than one/cpus=1) and it's scares me off ! That could also help me to understand why the kexts are not loading. Cheers
  2. Hey Doix!! Thank you so much! I installed enoch, and it's muuuuuch better! I also installed a 540m gt kext but it's a bit weird, it still shows a resolution of 1024x768 in the parameters (I'm sure it changed to 1366x768) and I don't see anymore the intel hd3000 in the system information. I don't use any of the intelhd kexts. I have to find a way to "disable" the intel graphic card (picture 2), so that the nvidia can be enabled Ps: It's in french 1 2 (sorry for using imageshack but I didn't find how to upload pictures I'm such a nooby ) I changed the smbios to the macbookpro 8,1 and I can boot now
  3. So I changed to MacBook Pro it didn't work Then I deleted all the appleintel kexts and I kept that smbios,,, didn't work either So this smbios is probably not compatible with my laptop, I changed it to the old one and now I can boot (of course I still don't have any appleintel kext) I have a normal 1366x768 screen
  4. Thanks for your help Doix So, I tried to use these kexts here: http://www.osx86.net...3000_0x116.html and I changed the smbios: It's not a 3D screen, and my graphic card (540m gt) is used with nvidia optimus
  5. I moved all those kexts and now I can boot and answer you directly from my mac install Right now I'm looking for working kexts because even when I only had the intelhd3000 kexts I couldn't boot also I boot with : GraphicsEnabler=No cpus=1 And I promise I won't use Imageshack again
  6. Done, and now I got this... EDIT: IT'S WORKIIIIIING !! I went on Windows and I installed MacDrive8, I just had to delete all the apple-intel kexts that I already had !!! I didn't sleep for 2 days and it was actually so simple ... I'd like to thank you guys, even if you just gave me a quick answer but, it helped me to understand the problems I was facing and to figure out a solution EDIT 2: I'm in love with this forum
  7. Hey guys! So I did some modification, I'm having a Triple Boot right now (mac, linux, windows seven) , it's pretty awesome! But I'm still stuck with my mac install, That's what I get when I boot using: GraphicsEnabler=No -v (I have a problem with the appleintelhdgraphics / Hd3000graphic kexts) Tell me if you have any suggestion !! Thanks a lot
  8. So I deleted the NVIDIA Kexts by using the console with the cd boot "rm -rf /volumes/PARTITIONNAME/Systems/Library/Extensions/kextname" (I also used ubuntu to explore the folder and see what kexts I have) That's what I get now when I boot on the HD with GraphicsEnabler=No -x -v I read on another post that deleting the ATI kext can help too but do you think it is necessary? You need to inject the Nvidia card into your DSDT and the issue should be fixed. Please post your extracted DSDT. "Here to Help" Thanks a lot for your answer, but I don't know how to do that, but I'm still trying to find solutions and I would be really thankfull if you could give me any indication EDIT: When I boot from the CD, from the System Information panel I can see that the PCI is not recognised, does it have any relation with my problem?? Sorry for my nooby questions
  9. Hi, How can I delete this kext? Is there anyway to do it from the console (from the boot cd) ? Thanks a lot for your answer, I'm finally almost there
  10. Hi Everyone! First of all would like to thank the community for bringing so much information ! I've been trying to install iatkos L2 for 2 days but I am now stuck and I really need your help (ps:I looked for answers on every single website ) I have a toshiba p750 (intel core i7 ; GT 540M/intel HD3000) The problem was that I couldn't boot after installation (with chameleon) I got stuck on the apple logo, when I used -x I could see it recognised a 450M (I didn't install any vga kext to avoid that ) So I tried -x ; graphicsenabler=yes & no I tried to reinstall iATKOS L2 with chimera 1.6, which is a better option apparently for my graphic card, I didn't install any vga kext again Right now when I use GraphicsEnabler=No it looks like everythings work fine, I can turn on and off the volume by pressing the buttons on my laptop, the wifi led is also turning on & off,there's a music that turns on (meaning the installation was a success??) but the problem is that I can only see that apple logo. In my opinion it is definitly a problem coming from the graphic card(s) but I am not sure and I really don't know what to do right now I thought that without any vga kext it would recognise the intel HD3000 immediately and work fine Any idea, suggestion? Thanks in advance, I really like the spirit of the forum (opensource forever ) and it would be a pleasure to help you guys in the near futur (why not ?!) edit: osx 10.7 not 10.8