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  1. Micro$oft?

    I have a Mini-Mac, unfortunately, an older one with power PC chip. I like the power PC chip, but would like to run OSX on my Intel PC [which is non-Mac hardware]. But I can't! Apple will not sell OSX for use with other hardware. So I am forced to buy a PC or laptop with M$ installed, which I hate. I use Linux and Mac OSX. Both are good, because both are UNix. Microsoft's OS is some sort of sick joke. M$ fails both on technical and ethical grounds. And it's almost impossible to get a refund from M$ when you don't use it. I wish Apple would wise up and offer OSX to other hardware users. They could sell a billion copies easy.
  2. On legality and Leopard...

    I think the whole issue of software piracy is more complicated than people think. Yes, it's illegal, and yes you should not do it. I do think that people should be paid for their work. I am pro-business. An individual or a company should be free to work hard, and be paid for their work, and get a good income/profit from it. If a company makes a billion dollars profit, I say: "Well done!". But it's not a perfect world. Many large corporations make profits that can cause direct or indirect harm to people, the environment, and other companies. These companies can become world-spanning monopolies, or near monopolies with more power and influence than that of large States. Drug companies, oil companies, and IT companies like Microsoft can lie, cheat, break the law, and cause great harm. They can become dangerous parasites and public enemies. They can, and will, become the new totalitarian state if we are no very careful. They face little effective opposition. The Linux and Open Source movement is one grass-roots alternative. Some governments are wising-up, and using solar power, or open source. But there are many defeats. The US department of Justice tried..several times to moderate Microsoft's anti-trust behaviour to a reasonable level IMHO, they failed utterly. People were too afraid of what would happen to blue-chip IT shares. So some people fight back, with warez. If a large corporation cheats, it has a 1000 lawyers, and a billion dollar budget for legal defence. If a poor individual cheats, then they go to jail. Neither is "right". So while I don't condone software piracy, I can't really condemn it either. Some are criminals, and maybe some are heros, it depends on the intent, more than anything. I think that the vast majority of people will be honest and obey the law, if there is some sort of fairness in our legal and business world. But the fact of the matter, is that there is no reasonable fairness or justice in our capitalist economy. This is hurting honest businesses, people, and governments everywhere. The stock market has become corrupt, and our master. What used to be an efficient way of allocating resources for the common good is now a burden round all our necks. We are ruining the planet, and letting people die. Our freedoms are dying too, because if just a few big meg-corporations have control, then where is the free market??? It's like the terrorism debate. Terrorists are immoral, but that does not mean that some of them may have legitimate grievences. Most people do not strap explosives to their chests and blow themselves up for no good reason. Yes, a lot are crazy fanatics, but you have to ask how they got that way. I think that society better start to take a long, hard look at itself, before we doom ourselves to perpetual war and slavery.