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    AMD Ryzen High Sierra Install Guide.

    It's not actually sending anything so ntupdate never works. Tried manually setting the time and that didn't work either.
  2. Ozfer

    AMD Ryzen High Sierra Install Guide.

    I tried removing the small trees and disabling in bios and still got " cannot connect to the recovery server". Tried a different intel kext and still didn't work. Tried Apple USB adapters and inserted AppleUSB kext and still didn't work. Not sure what to try anymore.
  3. Ozfer

    AMD Ryzen High Sierra Install Guide.

    I have a asus crosshair hero vi and every time the installer loads up and I click the arrow to start installing it tells me it cannot connect to the recovery server. I can see it’s using the small trees drivers for the Ethernet and it is receiving packets but it doesn’t look like it sends packets and ping fails. The installer wont go past that screen even if I unplug the Ethernet cable or disable network. I tried updating the time but since the connection is broke it can’t fetch the time. Not sure if there is a bypass.
  4. I followed the guide again and got mostly everything working. The problem I have is brightness does not work even with the right kext, and weird audio noises can be heard when using headset as if the driver stops and starts. Also using voodoo trackpad is not treated as a trackpad and thus is not disabled when a USB mouse is plugged in. I used better touch tools to get forward and backwards button working on my mouse. It also lets me set ctr alt up/down as brightness controls and that would works fine for me if the brightness actually changed.
  5. Okay I found that the correct way to get it to boot at all was to disable the DSDT stuff, use custom EDID, and inject Nvidia, with custom ID would get it to at least boot but not be detected. I found the nvidia web driver that supports the imac 755m along with other nvidia cards and installed it. Now when booting in verbose if I don't use a custom device ID I can see the nvidia driver initializing both the graphics cards, then I see it say it successfully loaded them(something like that) before it then freezes. If I inject the custom ID it only shows the nvidia driver initializing the ultra bay GPU, and it seems the nvidia driver either cant find or doesn't load onto the main GPU but it successfully boots (No QE/CI). The nvidia driver then can see the ultrabay card from within OSX but not the other car (its clearly acting very strange) it seems odd that clover doesn't recognize the second nvidia card ever also. I probably actually have access to a late 2013 iMac with a real 755m and might be able to dump the bios for it if it could get this to work... How come in previous messages people were told to make the bios file 10de_0fce.rom ??? Isn't the native device ID 0fcd0fe9 so it should be 0fcd_0fe9.rom??? Also I think the clover folder to put the roms in must have changed, I tried booting with all the different bios, each time it seems to get me father into booting (booting without entering in a fakeID but it still eventually freezes). Using fake ID always takes me into mac with no QECI and its never detected by the web driver and this leads me to my next point. What the heck is the fake ID part of clover for? If I don't use fake ID it ALWAYS freezes at some point (so far anyway) but the Nvidia driver ALWAYS recognizes both of the 755ms. If I use fake ID it ALWAYS only sees the ultrabay 755M, and NEVER sees the built in 755M. This works this way even if I use the real ID as the fake ID. WTF? I really don't understand fake ID or how it can not boot without but it boots with real ID as fake ID.... I think to get it to work it needs to be booted without using FakeID. This must be possible as windows XP, or linux can be installed on this laptop without Optimus and works perfectly granted only using 1 755m.
  6. Okay I got the ACPI patched. I had to use the disable OEM options in PLIST to notice any changes. After this now the brightness slider works and thats nice. The problem is now it is having weird boot effects. the top bar seems corrupted regardless of the fact I already fixed that using the method from the home page (had to log out and log in to fix it). Not really sure why I am having this? Every time the top bar is garbled and I need to logout to fix it. I got the right version of AppleHDA from the installer and now it works flawless. Also even with ACPI working 3D applications are still deadly slow... Im not expecting much from a 4600 but this is not really usable in anything with 3D graphics. Also fn-f6 works to turn off the trackpad and thats been working well for me. Update: I guess even people with real macpro have stuttering in csgo based on people complaining in steam forum and it does run well in other 3D apps. I found that getting rid of the apple graphics powersaver kext help speed it up also...
  7. Yes I am slowly figuring it out. Now it boot up great no screen problems. Also I got iMessage and facetime working. Going to figure out the whole ACPI thing next... why is the section on ssds blank in the guide?
  8. Okay thats fine but what commands did you use to get it to boot? I would like to try my own shot at it...
  9. I am trying to get my 510p working fully. Great guide by the way, wish the title was update to reflect it works with El capitain because it put me off from using the guide at first till I read further. Ethernet works great, and I am waiting for my new Broadcom wifi+BT card to get here. Mysteriously the bluetooth from the intel card works in mac... After spending a long time trying to get the Apple HDA to work I caved in and the voodoo HDA works great enough, I had to turn off the second microphones volume otherwise I heard loud static noises from headphones. QE/CI work great but every time I boot up the system I need to logout and log back in otherwise the menu bar on the top has corruption. Anyone know why? Also I installed the elan track pad enhanced driver and it WORKS and the trackpad section of preferences knows there is a trackpad, but the problem is when you plug a mouse in it wont disable the trackpad. This is a huge problem because even while I am typing this my cursor is going everywhere when I'm trying to type messing stuff up. Any suggestions to fix this? Also the 4600 is deadly slow. I tried running CSGO (should run decent on a 4600) and it was so choppy and unplayable on lowest settings. I have posted over in the 755m forum to see about getting it working. I have read both this guide and the auto patcher guide and neither tell me how to actually use the auto patcher for newbies. I am pretty new with a lot of this stuff but want to figure it out. My battery life is {censored} poor, and my eyes are starting to strain from this 100% screen brightness. I downloaded the auto patcher and made it executable and ran the command but what do I do at that point? It wants a path to something? Where am I supposed to get the files it wants? Thanks for the help. Update: changed the frame buffer line in the plist to end with a a instead of a 6 and now there is no more top bar corruption. The fix on the homepage made the boot logo stop spazzing out. I'm getting there....
  10. I have one of these dual 755s with El Capitain running, the 4600 just isn't cutting it for me, how are any of you guys getting it to boot with the 755? Every time it hangs on my machine halfway through loading OSX.
  11. Okay here is the extras and a picture of the error screen.
  12. I have a 1100t with a asus m4a87td EVO. Everytime I try to boot with one of these kernels I get IOAPIC: version 0x21 vectors 64:87 and if I touch a key on the keybaord ACPI: sleep states S4 S5 appears. Then it completely is unresponsive. What do I do?
  13. Can someone please help
  14. Hey guys I am trying to build a hackintosh and my system is completely together but I am running into issues installing mac os x onto it. I have a intel i7-4930k, currently only have 8GB of 32GB of DDR3 ram installed, a 500GB samsung SSD EVO, ati R9 280x, and a asrock x79 extreme 4 motherboard. I am trying to get Mac os 10.9 Mavericks onto this computer and so far everything I have tried will not work. When I try Niresh 10.9 no matter what boot commands I use (cpus=1 npci=0x2000 -v -s pci root uid or graphicsenabler to true or false) it never works. It starts loading on the first page and then when it would normally go to the apple logo page the screen turns black and it stops there. Nothing happens after this. I can tell its not a graphics problem because the system stops booting at that point it doesn't continue loading without video. I have also tried using clover with 10.9 and it gets to telling me what my device UID is and then the keyboard and mouse turn off and the system hangs and it stops loading. Just for the heck of it I tried with 10.8 Niresh and that would also freeze and not load. I tried with 10.7 and that would not load. I have no idea how to make this work as I have seen other people with the same motherboard say it works, the same cpu and say it works, and the same gpu and say that works and the boot commands make no difference. Any help would be appreciated!