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    Project: G5 Unlocked

    Love this project! Been using it as inspiration for my build. Love the use of the paracord for sleeving instead of the plastic sleeving everyone else uses. I'll post up a link to my build once i get more pictures and such!
  2. MightyMackinac

    [SELL] Five (5) G5 cases and parts

    I have for sale: 5 Power Mac G5 cases of varying quality. I will post pictures of all of them tomorrow. Some have parts, some are completely empty. All of them have the door. They are a little roughed up, scratches and scores on the casings. A couple dings and dents, here and there. You will understand once I get the photos up. I was thinking about USD $150, including shipping (more if you want the parts and such; those cost extra to ship as they weigh more), but I am willing to negotiate or trade. I will clean them up, scrub them down, make them sparkle again, and attempt to buff out any huge scratches or dents. Please let me know if you are interested so I can begin preparations for shipping and packaging, etc.
  3. I happen to have access to several (5 or 6, maybe 7) G5 cases that are not currently in use. I can strip them of parts and ship them to you for you guys to use if you could use them. They are gathering dust right now, so if we could work something out, I would be grateful!