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  1. Current OS X Version: 10.5.1 (KALYWAY_LEO_10.5.1intel_SSE2_SSE3) Install method: hassle free built-in v8.0 EFI with vanilla kernel F8 dvd option and vanilla kernel installation option. Manufacturer: Gigabyte Model: Gigabyte 965P-S3 (Identified as Mac Pro) Bios Version:F8 Chipset:965P Audio: working with Azalia OUT installation option patch. DOES NOT work with ALC_883 (same with mainboard!!) installation patch, sound in (mic) not working/identified. LAN: working out of the box with proper iinternet speed, haven't checked gigabit speed. CPU Model Number: Core 2 Duo E6300 Recognised as: 1.87GHz, 2 Cores Memory/DDR:Gskill 4x1024MB/DDR2 800Mhz Video Manufacturer:XFX Model:7950GT XXX 512MB Bus Type: PCI-X Memory size:512MB Dual screen working?: not tested, both ports work though with single 24" display QE/CI working? YES 1920x1200/changeable/rotateable Required patches or bios flashing? YES, no known way of OS booting without ROM flash, except with -x option, no acceleration then. So, with patched ROM using windows utility/dos utility/floppy, works perfect (update: some rare artifacts, vanish when turning monitor OFF>ON) with Natit drivers NVinject drivers cause frequent blue and other HUE-ish pixel artifacts especially in dark areas, visible in the introduction video, some fractional pauses as well. SATA/IDE working: working out of the box, 2x500GB SATA (copy speeds seem even better than in XP Pro SP2, roughly 2GB+/min from 500GB to other sata 500GB), 1x300GB IDE, SATA DVDRW, IDE DVDRW not working, all controllers set to IDE at bios boot from built-in DVD/CD combo drive (SATA) osx boot drive Seagate 500GB (GUID partition table, 2 partition is FINE) if problems with partitioning erase whole disk with erase data option, cancel erasing after few seconds to erase first sectors. Wifi & patches?: not built-in with my hardware other peripherals/pci addon cards? PCI firewire card works out of the box, USB 2.0 4-port PCI out of the box misc hardware: Dell 2407WFP usb hub works out of the box. Wacom Intuos3 6x11 (A5wide) works out of the box trough installation and on, drivers needed for full use (other than a...slow mouse) PS2 mouse and PS2 keyboard worked fine. comments: problems only with automatic restarting after installation completion, just hard reset and good to go and first-boot from SATA harddrive. could be installed in IDE drive as well, appears in installation option/disk utility, though not tested. various forced shutdowns while using VMWARE on os x (linux, xp installations), and .zip/.rar/packages processing. Reminds me of classic forced shutdowns of G5's when treating "bad" files or unrepaired volumes, yet more frequent... Xbench crashed in UI test with NVinject drivers (possible cause), worked ok with Natit drivers. Overclocking with system bus/memory works perfect, no problem with E6300 1.87Ghz@3.15Ghz with standard (auto) voltages. update: Photoshop CS3 extended installs ok but fails -system must be hard-rebooted- in "heavy" tasks. I have noticed hangs most of the times i strain the system. will post update with Adobe CS3 and Final Cut pro installations.
  2. hello again, --update-- booted in -x safe mode succesfully, no sound, no graphic acceleration (Natit drivers this time), network, ok, first time online with leopard. 7950GT shows as 7950GT with 256MB not 512MB, how this can be fixed?-- tried to instal kalyway "official" distro with MD5 crosschecked, ended up with the same problem as iATKOS distro for which i blame my GPU, XFX 7950GT 512MB: kalyway installation detected all my SATA drives in IDE mode which was cool, installed properly, rebooted properly, booted properly and black-screen paused right before the animated leopard intro, with the spinning busy cursor on and moveable. moreover if time passes by the screen goes off and if you move the mouse turns back on, indicating an otherwise running os. same installation -iATKOS as well- on same motherboard succeeds with an XFX 7900GS 256MB. Tried both Natit and NVinject drivers with same results, although XFX 7950GT 512MB is indicated as working with NVinject in 10.5.1 compatibility charts. Should i try with non-vanilla kernel, no vga drivers or something else? i would appreciate a reply, thank you in advance. hardware: 6300 cpu@1,83-3,56Ghz Gigabyte 965P-S3 rev.3.3 XFX 7950GT 512MB 2x500GB SATA seagates 2x320GB IDE seagates 2 samsung dvdrs ide+sata wacom intuos3 tablet ps2 mouse+keyboard dell 24" 1920x1200 display
  3. flatform

    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R - KALYWAY or iATKOS?

    Try to Use Gparted Live CD (download image, burn into CD and boot with that) and use it to add a boot flag to your installation's partition. best regards