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  1. I found a solution in case anyone else is trying the same: I used an NEC chipset (PD720100 or PD720101) based iogear GIC251U PCI card in passthru then connected the AudioTrak Maya U5 and voila! it works! Final VM setup: esxi 5.1 patched to 1021289 (patch necessary for usb controller passthru support) OS X 10.8.3 using Donk's unlocker XFX 6770 1GB (HD-677X-ZAF4) in passthru - flashed to 5770, full QE/CI no kexts needed iogear GIC251U PCI usb 2.0 card in passthru - works OOB AudioTrak Maya U5 usb sound card - optical out 5.1, works OOB tip: remember to re-select the usb card for passthru under configuration/advanced settings after every hypervisor reboot as there is still a bug in esxi that will remove it after two reboots If anyone finds a way to get usb 3.0 working under esxi/OSX please share!
  2. Any luck on the MIO 888 card? I am in the same boat with an ATI 6770 passed through perfectly but sound not working. I have tried (all with optical): Maya U5 USB - on devices but no actual sound, works OOB on MBP 10.8.2 C-Media USB - on devices but no actual sound, works OOB on MBP 10.8.2 PCI Passthrough On-board ALC 889 - crackling/distortion, low volume I thought perhaps the USB devices weren't getting enough bandwidth if sharing with all of the other devices I have plugged in so tried passing through pcie controllers: Startech NEC 720200 USB 3.0 controller - esxi recognizes correctly, vm doesn't get past vmware screen, won't even go to bios setup, will however boot fine into Win7 vm... EDIT: Will boot to osx if no USB devices are plugged in, will not recognize any plugged in after boot Frisco Logic 1009 USB 3.0 controller - esxi recognizes as "Unknown device" but will pass through, OSX does not recognize at all