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  1. After I put the second CPU back in the Z820 I have an error message during every boot. I checked with „intel-processor-diagnostic-tool" https://downloadcenter.intel.com/de/download/19792/Intel-Processor-Diagnostic-Tool. It does not find any errors. Did anyone here experience similar and is there something I can do about it?
  2. I can confirm the Kernel Panic was not related to the graphics card. The fix for my system is to enable "drop OEM" in the Acpi/SSDT Section of the config.plist.
  3. I use the first pci x16 slot. To be honest I am not sure anymore the panic was graphics related. There ist one small change I made to the config.plist: drop OEM is enabled in the Acpi/SSDT Section. I am still testing and keep you updated.
  4. Today I went ahead and put one of the E5-2687Wv2 from the Z820 into my other system: Asus Sabertooth x79. I experienced the same kernel panic during boot from clover. Then I followed a guide from another forum regarding E5-2687Wv2 kernel panic. I opened my original DSDT.aml with Maciasl. I then searched for the word "processor". I deleted all entries leaving only the first 16 processor entries. I then renumbered these first 16 entries according to the appendix of Bilboes great guide. Saved and put it under EFI/Clover/Acpi/patched. And now there is no more kernel panic. But when I open the original DSDT of the Z820 in Macaisl, there are no occurences of the word "processor".
  5. Tried different things today but with no success. 1. used different usb-stick 2. boot with and without DSDT-1 3. disabled Lilu.kext and WhateverGreen 4. added nv_disable=1 to the boot arguments Here is what I got for pictures during boot and kernel panic:
  6. Yes I use only usb2 front connector (the closer one to on/off button). High Sierra is in the Aplication Folder on my MacBook. It reads: Version: 13.6.02.
  7. Great! Here is my original ssdt. glow9_SSDT_original.zip
  8. Hi there, I followed the great Guide and put Bilbos SSDT-1.aml for 26x7 or 26x3 users here: EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched Instantly get a Kernel Panik trying to boot of the clover-usb-stick. Can you guys point me in the right direction where to go from here?
  9. Hi Bilbo, thank you for putting together such a comprehensive guide.


    I just bought a z820 with these specs:

    Dual Xeon E5-2687W v2

    64 GB DDR3 SDRAM

    Nvidia GTX 1060

    Bios v03.91


    I followed your High Sierra Guide and put your SSDT-1.aml for 26x7 or 26x3 users here: EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched


    Instantly get Kernel Panik trying to boot of this clover-usb-stick.

    Can you point me in the right direction where to go from here?

    1. bilbo


      As I wrote in the guide, there is no reason for private messages. Please, post your problem in the high sierra thread and we'll see how we could help you..

  10. glow9

    Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    duczkry, Success: after setting „PreferMSI“ to NO the raid shows up all the time in profiler. Thank you so much for your time and effort.
  11. glow9

    Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    I reconfigured the Virtual Disk as Raid 0 but still no luck. Disk Utility detects the device on first boot. After a reboot the drive is gone and the controller is not recogniced under System Information/Parallel SCSI. But is still there in the bootsequence and mfiutil.No matter whether I use clover or Chameleon. I am about to give up.
  12. glow9

    Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    After I tried different things with my LSI 8708EM2 and your driver I am stuck so I decided to poste here. I recently switched to 10.9.5 and Clover on a new Harddrive. Windows 7 is on seperate MBR-HD and older Chameleon OSX installs are on a third HD. I set up Raid 5 in Web Bios and initialize a virtual drive there. Partition HFS+ in Mavericks. After reboot Raid is still there. After booting to an older OSX installation and then rebooting to Mavericks and/or Windows the Raid does not show up in Finder or in System Information / Parallel SCSI anymore but is still there in terminal mfiutil: mfi0 Adapter: Product Name: MegaRAID SAS 8708EM2 Serial Number: P0xxxxxxxx Firmware: 11.0.1-0048 RAID Levels: JBOD, RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID6, RAID10, RAID50 Battery Backup: not present NVRAM: 32K Onboard Memory: 128M Minimum Stripe: 8K Maximum Stripe: 1M mfi0 Volumes: Id Size Level Stripe State Cache Name mfid0 ( 2791G) RAID-5 64K OPTIMAL Disabled <hallo1> mfi0 Configuration: 1 arrays, 1 volumes, 0 spares array 0 of 4 drives: drive 34 ( 932G) ONLINE <Hitachi HDS72101 A3MA serial=JP2921Hxxxxxxx> SATA drive 35 ( 932G) ONLINE <Hitachi HDS72101 A3MA serial=JP2940Hxxxxxxx> SATA drive 36 ( 932G) ONLINE <Hitachi HDS72101 A3MA serial=JP6960Hxxxxxxx> SATA drive 37 ( 932G) ONLINE <Hitachi HDS72101 A3EA serial=JP6921Hxxxxxxx> SATA volume mfid0 (2791G) RAID-5 64K OPTIMAL <hallo1> spans: array 0 mfiutil show events -c info boot 43345 (boot + 3s/CTRL/info) - Firmware initialization started (PCI ID 0060/1000/1013/1000) 43346 (boot + 3s/CTRL/info) - Firmware version 1.40.342-1650 43347 (boot + 3s/CTRL/info) - Board Revision 43348 (boot + 17s/DRIVE/info) - Inserted: PD 22(e0xff/s34) 43349 (boot + 17s/DRIVE/info) - Inserted: PD 22(e0xff/s34) Info: enclPd=ffff, scsiType=0, portMap=00, sasAddr=707e895893bfffb3,0000000000000000 43350 (boot + 17s/DRIVE/info) - Inserted: PD 23(e0xff/s35) 43351 (boot + 17s/DRIVE/info) - Inserted: PD 23(e0xff/s35) Info: enclPd=ffff, scsiType=0, portMap=01, sasAddr=7087875b99bddfad,0000000000000000 43352 (boot + 17s/DRIVE/info) - Inserted: PD 24(e0xff/s36) 43353 (boot + 17s/DRIVE/info) - Inserted: PD 24(e0xff/s36) Info: enclPd=ffff, scsiType=0, portMap=02, sasAddr=708786328ae3fcbc,0000000000000000 43354 (boot + 17s/DRIVE/info) - Inserted: PD 25(e0xff/s37) 43355 (boot + 17s/DRIVE/info) - Inserted: PD 25(e0xff/s37) Info: enclPd=ffff, scsiType=0, portMap=03, sasAddr=70718739a0d6eab8,0000000000000000 mfiutil: Failed to fetch events: Input/output error All this info is displayed in terminal while the raid is not vissible to the finder/diskutility/system information. Any idea what I can try to make the raid show up again in finder?