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  1. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Thanks. Checked that I have "Above 4G Decoding" in bios and replaced my dsdt.aml with the one that you've sent. I'm attaching the the new ioreg - Is it how you expected it to be? Also, a couple of question just for sanity : These changes are just for the hot swap of the TB3 controller right ? I'm guessing we are still far way from having a full TB3 implementation as did Mork vom Ork with his Gigabyte Thunderbolt3 AlpineRidge on post #3 of this thread, right ? Boa sorte, Paulo paulo’s iMac Pro2.ioreg.zip
  2. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Thanks Matthew82, Here you go. Boa sorte, Paulo EFI.zip paulo’s iMac Pro.ioreg.zip
  3. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Hi Matthew82, Could you help me too ? (I have to say I'm a bit confused...) Boa sorte, Paulo
  4. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Hi maleorderbride, Do you know if your code works with the DSL6540 Asus ThunderboltEX 3 model ? When I switch IORegistryExplorer to IOACPIPlane I see a lot of entries starting with H..., see below: So I should zero my D07C device ? My files are a few posts above and my DSDT.aml was created by MaLd0n. Boa sorte, Paulo
  5. ThunderBolt Drivers

    Hi remote.syst3m, 
 How is your Thunderbolt progress going ? 
 I'm quite happy that you and others are still trying to get your thunderbolt cards/ports working as I own the Asus ThunderboltEX 3 expansion card - How different is this one compared to yours ? 
 Managed to get this card working with both my 2 x MacBooPro's (2015 & 2016 models), using a PC with Windows 10 64bits through an Apple Thunderbolt 2m cable (MD861ZM/A) and my Apple Thunderbolt 3 USB-C to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter (MMEL2ZM/A) - I can at least transfers files at a blazing 20GB/s speed between the 2 x MBPs or 1 x MBP and the PC with the Asus ThunderboltEX 3 installed! 
 Although my knowledge is limited I want to help as much as possible in any testing that anyone requires here, ok? 
 MaLd0n has created my dsdt.aml that shows the following IOReg PCI devices structure: 
 It is obviously lacking a lot of the full PCI devices discovery & properties as per Mork vom Ork excellent work on his thunderbolt expansion board - that is my aim!!! I'll leave here my current 
EFI folder (w/ dsdt.aml) and some images of my thunderbolt testing to keep this thread alive... Boa sorte, Paulo EFI.zip
  6. The same happened to me: all my 3 screens are active but only show a black image... I've even removed my old driver and reinstalled the new one twice, but the same bad result. I'm now with the previous one. Boa sorte, Paulo
  7. HWSensors3

    Hope this is still usefull... Mac-Pro-de-Paulo:Downloads pauloaugusto$ chmod a+x cpuinfo Mac-Pro-de-Paulo:Downloads pauloaugusto$ ./cpuinfo name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5960X CPU @ 3.00GHz phisycal core n.: 8 logical core n.: 16 active core n.: 16 Mac-Pro-de-Paulo:Downloads pauloaugusto$ Boa sorte, Paulo
  8. Hi MaLD0n, Feliz ano novo de 2018/Happy new 2018 year!! Please check your PM, as I've been able to identify the culprit _DSM method that prevented my system's PAUSE & failed PCI information... Boa sorte, Paulo
  9. Hi fabiosun, Thanks for the heads up! Checking.... Hi MaLd0n, I keep getting more impressed every time you help me!! I've PM you back the result of the test requested. Boa sorte, Paulo
  10. Olá/Hi Maldon, Absolutamente agradecido pela tua ajuda fantástica/Absolutely thanks for your massive help!! I can now fully make my rig go into full sleep (manual or timed) S3 state (RAM save) and fully wake up (motherboard q-code=30), with all my devices being properly awake, plus my SOUND ALSO!!! I've discovered that you need to add to CodecCommander Info.plist the following: Because I now have a single file (your DSDT.aml) in my CLOVER/ACPI/patched folder, I need to ask you the following: Do I need the Clover config.plist/ACPI/DSDT/Patches section at all ? Should I remove it ? Although the PCI Devices in System Info are merely cosmetic, can I just add the SSDT's that have ? Or is it more complicated than that ? DSDT patches for my system: Can you please share them & which technique you've used ? I'm even more surprised by your DSDT.aml file, because, for the first time, I could see the properly configured ACPI structures of some of my devices: Asus ThunderboltEX 3 - ACPI device: UPSB: Samsung NVme 512GB disk - ACPI device: IONVMeController: I've attached my EFI folder and my ioreg & AppleIntelInfo.kext outputs, both after awaking from S3 sleep. Boa sorte, Paulo Mac Pro de Paulo.ioreg.zip AppleIntelInfo_output.txt EFI.zip
  11. Hi All, A bit more success in my quest for full sleep & identify my PCI devices! I'm now able to make my system go into sleep (Pause) indefinitely or timed: All devices in a sleep state: sound, video, Wlan/LAN, USB, HD, etc... Power button light blinking - indicating motherboard sleep state All 3 monitors in sleep state Wake up is done by pressing the power button, with full system awake in 4/5 seconds!! But I lost the sound after wake - Still investigating... Also, I've enabled my 2nd onboard LAN port, the Intel I211 gigabit, via the "SmallTree-Intel-211-AT-PCIe-GBE.kext" in EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other: And finally, I've made the IMEI PCI device kext/driver load by OSX: New EFI folder attached... EFI.zip Olá/Hi Maldon, Thanks so much for your help/Muito obrigado pela tua ajuda! I'll now try to configure my system with your files and we'll come back ASAP. Boa sorte, Paulo
  12. Hi All, Got my Firewire 800 PCI device recognized (via SSDT) - Now got 12 PCI devices in System Information: Nmano (or anyone else with a similar configuration), Can you please have a look at my files (specially my SSDT-XHCI.aml) ? Thanks and wishes of a great Christmas!! Boa sorte, Paulo EFI.zip Mac Pro de Paulo.ioreg.zip
  13. Hi nmano, Just tried again to try to get as many PCI device in system info, while at the same time trying to get SLEEP to work... With a lot of your SSDT files, I'm able to get 11 PCI devices recognized and sleep works for 2 seconds!! I couldn't get XHCI, LPC0, FRWR my RP08 (Wlan) SSDTs to work, from which I think that, the culprit for not staying at sleep is the XHCI SSDT!! - Can you have a look at it ? Now, once again (if you can spare some time) can you help me try to get full sleep ? I'm attaching here my ACPI/patched folder, my config.plist & ioreg files. Boa sorte, Paulo Mac Pro de Paulo.ioreg.zip patched.zip config.plist.zip
  14. Hi Mike, I have a very similar HW configuration to yours... And I'm also in pursuit of having all devices properly listed in PCI section + full sleep on my rig! Do you mind sharing your EFI folder ? Thanks. Boa sorte, Paulo
  15. Hi nmano, Absolutely great!! This is the 1st time that I can see the most devices identified in System Information→HW→PCI and it does put my hackintosh into sleep when I click PAUSE, but it wakes up after 2 seconds, no more cold restarts - almost there !!!! Now my System Information→HW→PCI shows the following: I've highlighted above my Asus ThunderboltEX 3 devices detected by DPCI manager - Do you think you can also add them to the SSDT ? The only device not detected (from the new SSDT) is the Broadcom BCM4360 WLAN adapter - the PCI device & vendor are correct tough... I believe that now that the only thing missing for a successful sleep & awake process is the addition of the USB devices to the SSDT file, which I think, will also make the WLAN device appear in System Information. Attached the .ioreg file again. Thanks for your efforts. Boa sorte, Paulo Paulo’s Mac Pro 3.ioreg.zip