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  1. Olá Maldon! Bom dia/good morning! Changed my system recently to: Motherboard: Gigabyte AORUS Z390 Xtreme, with latest BIOS F5 (link) CPU: Intel i9900K Graphics card: Sapphire Vega VII 16MB Bluetooth/Wifi: ABWB 802.11AC WI-FI With Bluetooth 4.0 PCI-Express BCM943602CS Still own: PSU: Corsair HX1000i, with USB header connected on IOService:/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/PCI0@0/AppleACPIPCI/XHC@14/XHC@14000000/HS13@14d00000 AIO CPU cooler: Corsair H110i GTX, with USB header also connected to above Firewire: Firewire Card 800 Installed 10.4.4 (then update to 10.4.5) following mostly this guide. For CPU Power management, the BIOS 0xE2 MSR register is unlocked (followed this guide) Issues: I've followed a guide to get my USB ports under 15, but I think all my SSxx ports are not working at their highest speeds and I'm not charging my iPad at its highest current - Can you please fix all of them on new DSDT? Sleep only works if I unplug the USB headers of PSU & AIO CPU cooler - Can you please disable them on new DSDT? Sometimes I get random sudden reboots on 10.4.5... Power button doesn't power off PC... Slow boot... Sound works perfectly if starting from cold boot. If rebooting to macOS from windows, sound does't work - Is this fixable ? Do you need my BIOS screenshots/selections ? I've attached my Clover F4 ACPI files capture at boot and the sendme files also. Can you please compile me an SSDT that also tackles my above issues ? Muito Obrigado/Thanks a lot - "Beer" donated!! Paulo Send me Paulos-iMac-Pro.zip origin.zip
  2. Hi MaLd0n, Could you please have a look at my config.plist, that still doesn't allow me to have graphics HW acceleration... Obrigado ;-) Paulo
  3. Thanks MaLd0n. I came up with attached config.plist, but result is still the same: I've also taken a picture of the BIOS in regards to video memory: config.plist
  4. How do I do that ? Do you know guides ? Even from olarila ? Quick test: If I remove fakeID=0x122345678, I get a kernel panic, see below:
  5. Thanks once more! Been continuing to get more devices working: Bluetooth, sound and full power management, so far and also slowly cleaning my EFI/Kexts/other folder of useless extensions for this laptop... Only the Intel video UHD 630 is a bit more difficult, I'm currently reading the usage of devices & properties in Clover for its proper injection, generating a AppleIntelFramebuffer with whatevergreen.kext and FBpatcher... Is there an easier way ?
  6. Fantástico, consegui instalar o 10.4.1!! Mesmo contente! Great, was able to install 10.4.1!! Really happy! I'm attaching the sendme file for your analysis, ok? Do you mind have a look at the send file ? Send me MacBook-Pro-de-paulo.zip Obrigadão outra vez!! Thanks a lot!!
  7. You're right! Tried with an external USB-C Adapter and got booting to come a bit further... What else can be done ?
  8. Thanks - so quick! Replaced your zip inside my EFI (noticed the DSDT.aml) Still stops at same point in boot, see attached photo. EFI.zip
  9. Olá MaLd0n, Tudo bem contigo ? I'm trying to get a Dell Precision 5530 to run Mojave (10.4.1) USB install disk, built from this thread, but it just stops booting, so I could not instal Mojave nor execute the SendMe.app..... Can you please look at my EFI folder & also please create an initial DSDT ? preboot.log in EFI/CLOVER/misc original ACPI tables in EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/origin CPU: Intel Core i7-8850H CPU Six Core 2.60GHz, 4.30GHz Turbo, 9MB 45W Video: Intel UHD Graphics 630 and Nvida Quadro P1000 Obrigadão! Paulo EFI.7z
  10. augustopaulo

    The Beast

    @Brumbaer, I'm also considering changing my system into the Z390 platform with the I9-9900k and I've also seen your youtube video from here, but I've got a couple of questions for you please: What's the Thunderbolt 3 chip in Z390 Phantom Gaming itx/ac ? is it the Titan Ridge ? The model of the BCM43602 compatible card (M.2 Adapter) you've used ? Liquid cooling: You've used a EKB Liquid cooler with two 280mm Radiators and a custom controller for pump and fans - Can you supply part numbers ? Also, I've got an AIO Corsair H110i GTX on my existing system - Do you think it can also reach those 5.2 Ghz speeds ? I'm assuming that you had to disable the Intel® 2T2R Wlan/BT in the UEFI BIOS right ? Are you able to get full shutdown/restart & sleep features ? What do you think about Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme (besides being very $$$) ? Thanks ;-)
  11. augustopaulo

    ThunderBolt Drivers

    Yes, header cable always connected. As for version, see if you can see it from the 2 photos I've taken.. (my son is using the PC for now) and don't look at the dust!! But, later today I'll take it out an take proper pictures...
  12. augustopaulo

    ThunderBolt Drivers

    Hi fabiosun, indeed its been a while! Yes, the same card that came with the Asus X99 Deluxe II.
  13. augustopaulo

    ThunderBolt Drivers

    Hi KGP-iMacPro, Point well made. I won't return it/RMA, I promise! Now, tell me (& others) what do you want me to further test this Asus TB3 adapter, ok ?
  14. augustopaulo

    ThunderBolt Drivers

    Hi Guys, I still think that this TB adapter is not working properly since I'm not able anymore to successfully transfer data on a TB connection between 2 devices as before (my 1st post here), but has got something configure/misconfigured that somehow triggers the full TB detection from OSX, which is what is very impressive!! Also agree with KGP-iMacPro, that I don't have any special configuration or settings from before... Anyway, some more testing that I did with this "miracle" Asus EX3 TB adapter: Windows 10 64bits: On a fresh install, with latest ASUS drivers ver 17.3.74, the ASUS EX3 TB adapter is detected by windows but the ASUS TB SW doesn't detect any adapter (as per OSX) connected! Also, a new USB device (associated with this TB adapter) is detected but the windows driver halted from starting with error 42! MOJAVE: The same full TB functionality detection is achieved on MOJAVE beta configured as an iMac Pro - so it does not seem to be OSX version dependent! Apple TB 2 cable connectivity testing: In order to verify if my Apple Thunderbolt 2m cable (MD861ZM/A) is still functional, I've used 2 x MacBooPro's (2015 & 2016 models), with one of them with Windows 10 64bits (bootcamp) through this cable and I can transfers files at a blazing 20GB/s speed between the 2 x MBPs! CONCLUSION: If I can no longer connect 2 devices via TB connection using my Asus EX3 TB adapter, I'm going to check its warranty and request for a RMA or, maybe consider the next intel TB 3 card with chips set JHL 7xxx series (apparenty with latest MBP 2018) link: Intel's Thunderbolt 3 Controllers DSL 6240 DSL 6340 DSL 6540 JHL 6340 JHL 6540 JHL 7340 JHL 7440 JHL 7540 Family Alpine Ridge Titan Ridge Launch Date Q2 2016 Q3 2015 Q2 2016 Q1 2018 TDP 1.2 W 1.7 W 2.2 W 1.7 W 2.2 W ? ? ? Number of Ports 1 2 1 2 1 2 DisplayPort 2x 1.2 2x 1.4 Package Size 10.7 × 10.7 mm ? ? ? Price $6.45 $8.00 $8.55 $8.00 $8.55 ? ? ? Anyway, please send me your testing scrips or apps for me to do further testing and help discover why my TB adapter is triggering OSX to fully detect the TB functionality, ok ?
  15. augustopaulo

    ThunderBolt Drivers

    Hi Guys, Suddenly my Asus TB3 card started to appear in System Info/Thunderbolt with a lot of thunderbolt kexts loaded!!! For the very first time I've got: 2 x Thunderbolt port information - although it seems no version info is gathered 2 x Thunderbolt IP adapter detection - not in operation Thunderbolt DP adapter detection Now, I'm not sure if I have a damaged card, since it does appear in my Asus X99 Deluxe II BIOS fully configured, but as soon as I power off or reset the motherboard the PCIEX16_5 slot shows "Not Present"... The only way to get it back is to power off (power off PSU!) for about 10 minutes and it then gets detected again by Macosx... Unfortunately at the moment I on't have a working Win10 installation to test... What do you guys think ? Damage TB3 adaptor or a "miracle" ? Send me Paulos-Mac-Pro.zip