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  1. Overclocked Tardis

    AMD APU mountain lion support

    Everything is pretty smooth, able to run Xcode, photoshop cc etc. Just can't get QE/CI. Good luck to ya, chagas!
  2. Overclocked Tardis

    AMD APU mountain lion support

    Yup, the pmmc guide is what encouraged me to try Lion/Mountain Lion on this new rig. However, check out his system specs, his GPU configuration is very different than yours: 2.6 GHz AMD Dual-Core A6-4400M APU with Radeon HD 7520G + 7670M Dual Graphics. Clover supports the 7670M and thus he was presented with the pretty clover boot screen. I've successfully gotten 10.8.3 to boot and install with just chameleon on my APU (while using the integrated GPU) using Bronya's kernels.
  3. Overclocked Tardis

    AMD APU mountain lion support

    Hello there I suspect Clover doesn't support the integrated GPU featured within some of these APU's. I have an A-10 5800k with an IGP HD 7660D ( also have an aptio board ) and I too got the dreaded black screen. I got clover to boot by switching to another GPU, so I'm sure the issue is with the integrated GPU or specific config.plist options that I'm not aware of. If you're up for it, Chameleon is another option if you're just trying to get things running.
  4. Hey folks, greetings I got Bronya's 10.8.3 rc 4 working on my AMD A-10 5800k APU (with an integrated 7660D) using Clover r1888. I used the kernel to install and boot 10.8.3 Quick specs: An Aptio board from MSI (FM2-A55M-E33) AMD A10 5800k APU Integrated 7660D(I couldn't even get to Clover's GUI while using this integrated GPU, I had to fetch an old PCIe GeForce 9400GT) 8Gigs of Ram What went wrong: 6 minutes or so after booting to the desktop, I'd get a kernel panic. Everything up until that point is smooth as butter ( not considering software OpenGL) As stated in the first post of this thread and in the amd nvidia thread, I had to remove those GeForce kexts to avoid the gray screen, but in return, experience the wonders of software mode GL. Also, I've tried andy's kernels with Clover and It seems as if I can't get to the desktop. I'm totally new to clover, so I may be missing something somewhere. the amount of options are overwhelming, but booting an untouched, vanilla osx iso made me moist. But yeah, I plan to play around with 10.8.2 tonight with various kernels and clover and we'll see how far I get with this setup. Not asking for help or anything, just wanted to chime in as an A-10 user, as I've not seen anyone else with these in this thread. Thanks for all the hard work!!! update: The instability was caused by an incorrect bus/TSC numbers. Once corrected, everything remains stable.
  5. Hello! I Have a 9400GT. Full QE/CI from the look of things. I do have a question. With my setup - under ArchLinux and Windows 7 - 1080p video plays back beautifully, with very little cpu usage. This really isn't the case currently. Is this because of the overhead - if any exists - of the opemu? I was hoping to utilize my GPU to accelerate video playback much in the same way that I have on Windows and Linux. I'm using MPlayer2 and VLC. But I must say, I never expected to get ML running on this rig. Very awesome stuff indeed. Apart from the HD video playback issues I'm having, everything else is smooth and responsive. I've been running for about 6 hours now with no noticeable problems. Well, read and write speeds seem to degrade over time while using my external powered USB Harddisk, but I have no clue what that's about and couldn't care less lol.
  6. 10.8.2 with AnV's kernel is working nicely on my Pentium 4 531 3Ghz. Thanks Andy!
  7. Overclocked Tardis

    Any body tried doom3 on Kalyway 10.5.2?

    press shift-command-g and navigate to /usr/libexec/oah. Once the new finder window appears, you'll want to rename translate to translate.old. Then, rename translate.original to translate. Once this is done, try running doom again.