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    AppleYukon2 troubles on a Dell Inspiron 1545

    The problem is that the drive doesn't show up in the Disk Utility. The only one that does show up is the USB drive. I did format it to be an HFS+ drive when it was plugged in to the USB adapter. Also, partway through that last install, the screen went white (except for a patch around the cursor) and stayed that way for more than an hour. After a hard reboot, I tried to boot to the hard drive, which didn't work. Finally, the resolution is also incorrect, but I can live with that for now, assuming I can fix it later.
  2. anonymous354

    AppleYukon2 troubles on a Dell Inspiron 1545

    Well, cool. Thanks. I got in to the installer now. If it's ok with everybody, I'll just keep asking questions. I can't use my keyboard nor touchpad on my laptop in the installer. I have to use a cheapo Dell keyboard and Microsoft mouse, both of which work in the installer. I don't even know what to look for to make that work. Wifi doesn't work. Which is fine for now, but I'd like to get it fixed at some point. Finally, my hard drive isn't showing up in the "Install OS X" screen when it's in the computer. I plugged it into an external SATA adapter and that works well enough, albeit slowly. But at this point, I have a laptop turned desktop with a small part of OS X on it. Yay.
  3. anonymous354

    AppleYukon2 troubles on a Dell Inspiron 1545

    Yes, that seems to get passed that particular problem. So, that's cool. But now there's another problem! You can see it in the attached image.
  4. anonymous354

    AppleYukon2 troubles on a Dell Inspiron 1545

    Here are the options I used to install Chameleon to my jump drive using Enoch-rev.2039.pkg. 1) I set the Destination to the correct drive. 2) Customization: Chameleon Bootloader Standard Modules Resolution Settings General Options EthernetBuiltIn=Yes Kernel Flags Verbose Mode Ignore Caches Sorry for the poor image quality. I can't exactly say I was in a well-lit room.
  5. anonymous354

    AppleYukon2 troubles on a Dell Inspiron 1545

    I downloaded iATKOS L2 (yeah, I know it's not Mountain Lion) and am giving that a shot, but the Disk Utility isn't able to properly write to my jump drive for whatever reason. I'll try again later. But for now, I'm writing BaseSystem to my jump drive again. I followed this tutorial: http://www.ihackinto...-pc-hackintosh/, almost to the letter (it's kind of ambiguous in places). This is my first Hackintosh install (I'm a Linux guy), so I just took my best guess as to what kind of options Chameleon needed. I'll document them shortly. Thank you for your suggestion Here To Help. I'll give that a shot. eep357: I tried a number of boot flags, all ending up with the same result: an error and a stack trace. c0ke: I'll try and put up the picture of the KP soon. Probably when I tell what options I used. If anybody sees any better ways to do things, please let me know. I'm open to suggestions.
  6. I'm trying to install Mountain Lion on my Dell Inspiron 1545. There is a 160GB hard drive in it that I don't mind wiping out. Prodedure I used: Opened InstallESD.dmg Opened BaseSystem.dmg Used the Disk Utility in OS X to copy the Base System image to a 32GB jump drive Ran the newest version of Chameleon I could find (r2039), and used the "Built-in Ethernet=Yes" flag (along with a few others in various configurations) Nicely ejected the jump drive and popped it in my laptop Upon boot into Chameleon, I chose the "Boot Verbose" option What went wrong: About 10 seconds into the boot sequence, I see the following message: after which is a stack trace. I can put up a picture of the stack trace if it would help. (Or if there is a way of putting up the complete boot log, I'd be willing to do that if somebody would tell me how.) Has anybody see this kind of error before? How might I go about figuring out what's wrong and how to fix it? Thank you for your time.