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  1. [How To] Intel DG35EC Guide

    Great Post! I was looking into this board to purchase for my next machine. I'm currently using an AMD machine and running Leopard flawlessly. But I'm stuck at 10.5.2 because I use this machine as my primary and don't want to screw it up by updating. That's why I'm looking to buy a new machine. Does this board allow you to use Apple Updater to keep current? I've heard problems with the ethernet not working after sleep. And problems with the sound? How does it perform, and anything that doesn't work/don't like about the install? Thanks in advance!
  2. iMac G5 Power Supply Question

    I know this is an older post, but i figure i found this thread through Google, so I imagine someone else will. I was given a "broken" iMac g5 20-inch computer. I was told that the power supply had to be replaced. I found a powersupply for sale for $10 (rather then the $200 the tech quoted me) But the psu was pulled from a 17 inch, (and has different part number.) Does anyone think this makes a difference? Will it work in my larger 20 inch? After reading this thread and seeing a regular atx psu was used, it makes me think that there would be nothing different between the two. Any reply's would be great, Thanks!