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    how to install iatkos l2

    should i download another ~5GB. Oh man! It'll take 50 hours. I can't dude. Any other ways any one knows?
  2. dinesh2707

    how to install iatkos l2

    where is the vmare image available?
  3. dinesh2707

    how to install iatkos l2

    Hi friends. I'm new to this world of mac. So, i got very very little knowledge about the terms and the ways used. I recently downloaded iATKOS L2. (It's bootable. No errors). I think it uses chamelon. I tried to install in virtual box in my laptop. My laptop is HP DV6 7040tx. My laptop has the following config: core i7 3610QM 6GB 1600MHz RAM 2 GB nvidia 630m Graphics card 750GB ram I can't install it in virtual box nor as a native. I tried many times. It gets struck at the apple logo screen. (The loading circle does not appear). I even waiting for half an hour. But, no response. Can any one try to help me. Thanks in advance