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  1. First of all - Many Thanks for the Great work But I Cannot log in to the Appstore "Your device or computer could not be verified...." I followed the steps 8-12 ans additionally I tried it with Darwin Dumper on a real mac with the same failure Can someone tell me on which position I must paste the MLB and ROM Value greets ede
  2. Hello first of all many Thanks for this excellent Tutorial! but there are a few questions left is it possible to activate Handover and Airdrop - I know a Bluetooth LE connection is required but is there still a way to make that work with a standard (which works for my Apple Keyboard and Mouse) Bluetooth Adapter? How I can get the telephone calls from my iphone displayed on the Dell 780? and last but not least: if the machine boots up clover displayed me a tiny menu where I must choose Yosemite HD (by pressing enter) unfortunally my Apple Keyboard doesnt work at this moment so I must use a second wired Keyboard has somebody a recommendation for a camera which works with yosemite - so i can use facetime? and a little notice I faced the Problem that the Appstore, idrive and imessage wont work all of this was solved when I updated Clover from 3030 to 3350. Now every apple service works out pf the box regards ede
  3. Hi unfortunally Apple kicked my Macbook from the Update Chain so I cant bring it to Mavericks. Is there a "best" Way to solve this problem? Has anyone did this before? best wishes ede