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  1. I noticed that it works, i.e. it doesn't stop responding if don't minimize it (hide it).. i guess something gets screwed up when i maximize it (restore it)... do you get the same thing?
  2. thank you, but with this one it crashed totally... however after i installed darwin it seems to be more stable, but still freezes eventually
  3. No ideas yet? It seems that the uTorrent window freezes after I minimize/hide it, or I drag other windows on top of it... maybe it has to do with graphics? btw I forgot to mention that I'm on Mac OS 10.5.2
  4. Hi, I have a 2GHz Core Duo MacBook, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD. I installed CrossOver version 6.2.1 to run uTorrent. Everything works fine for a few minutes, but after that uTorrent kind of freezes (can't press any buttons, nothing moves/changes, completely frozen), but at the same time I see the bandwith meter reads that it's downloading at 200k/sec. When I look at the processes, "wineserver" and "wineloader" take up 70% of CPU power, about 35% each, then the exhaust fan hits 6200rpm, etc, etc, but uTorrent still doesn't respond. Sometimes it starts to respond real slow, but most often I have to end the process from CrossOver's task manager. Other times, uTorrent hangs completely, not even dowloading. I tried several versions of uTorrent, other torrent programs, even different "bottles" (winXP and win2000), but still the same happens. Is there something wrong with CrossOver? Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks!
  5. Upgrade from Tiger to Leopard

    good, thank you... i just need to figure out how to burn it on a dual layer b/c I don't think the Macbook has it.... maybe I'll ask a friend... problem is my removable HDD is FAT32 (so that I can use it on both PC and MAC) and the max file size on this system is only 2 GB i think :(I'm dumb!... I just realized I can burn dual layer dvds.... stupid...
  6. Hi guys, I have a MacBook that I bought a little less than a year ago (2GHz Core Duo, 160GB, 2GB Ram). I just downloaded a 7GB dmg file with the 10.5 Leopard off a torrent. What could I do next (and is it worth the hassle)? Can I simply mount it (without burining it) and just upgrade my current OS X? Should I burn it on a DVD (or try to shrink it on a single layer?) Will this upgrade keep ALL my files and ALL previously installed software? How much more space will the new system take up in addidion? Will the computer be slower/faster? I definitely find unworthy reinstalling from scratch the OS L, all the software and transferring my data, so let me know if this is the case Also, how is the question with the licencing - will there be any problems? Thanks a bunch guys!
  7. haha damn - i didn't see that option! Great, it worked nice!
  8. Right after I bought my MacBook, I realized that 80GB won't be enough for me. I upraded the HD and decided to keep the 80GB drive in a USB case for back-up. Now I want to use it to transfer larger files (movies etc...) from friends with PC's, and I don't want to make them install MacDrive every time. I tried to format the drive to FAT32 (NTFS is read-only in OS X) under Vista but it said "drive too large". Tried to make it NTFS, but didn't work out well because the drive does not appear on my friend's pc when the usb is plugged in.... To make it simpler: How do I make this MacBook 2.5 inch USB harddrive work on PC's? Are there any apps to format it to FAT 32 under OS X? Should I partition it to make it smaller? Should I just sell it and get a normal PC one? I am open to other suggestions... Thanks for your input guys!
  9. GTA San Andreas

    Hi, I have a 2GHZ Macbook and game runs fine even under Vista... but no luck in OS X... I tried looking at all related posts but no luck! I set up the game correctly with the HOMMV app, and it starts. However, I can't see the intro so I just skip to the main menu. After I start a new game, the loading screen appears. Right after that, when it's done loading and the "Liberty City Airport whatever..." caption apperars, the game crashes I it spits me out to the OS X. I downloaded SWISTAK's config file, but that didn't help.. Any ideas guys?
  10. Noise Ninja Ps plugin?

    will that help? http://www.picturecode.com/nn_plugin.htm
  11. Cyrillic subtitles on VLC

    The slow playback appears when I select "use second monitor", because otherwise it won't appear on the external display in fullscreen. I think it should work if I use the external LCD as a primary monitor (close the lid and wake up with remote).
  12. Cyrillic subtitles on VLC

    got it, selected a different encoding: CP2150 instead of just cyrillic! HOWEVER, fullscreen playback is slow and choppy on this player, i guess the 13" macbook can't handle it. Even worse on the 32" LCD... Have to watch in a window now
  13. Cyrillic subtitles on VLC

    Thanks fot the tip, did what you said, but still no subtitles.... Prolly doing smth wrong...
  14. Cyrillic subtitles on VLC

    I mostly use VLC to play my movies, but now I came across a movie in a weird language and I need subtitles. The .sub file is in cyrillic, so the standard font would not appear. A standard fix for BS Player in Windows was changing the font encoding to cyrillic, but I don't see such options in VLC for Mac. Any ideas how to get this working..? Maybe i need a cyrillic font...?
  15. Reinstalling OS X without losing BootCamp partition

    Ok, so I'll go for Tiger again, and you guys are sure sure that bootcamp will still work? (sorry, just never done it before, you know how it is..)