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  1. First timer seeking for advice

    Hi all, glad to be joining this wide crowd ^^ I want to share my experience with creating my first netmac and perhaps seek some advice. I just revived an old samsung nc10 I had laying around and decided to have fun with it and take upon the challenge of creating a hackintosh. I read ahead about possible problems, so i cut it short, bought a broadcomm wifi card (12gbp with shipping) and then made bootable usb through virtual machine. Popped it in and installation started without problems. (I was completely new to all of this so it wasn't as quick and easy as descridbed above but i don't want to waste our time). Now i have an almost fully working nc10 running osx 10.5.4. Now here are my problems: - sleep function doesn't work, can somebody please point me to a possible solution? links on nc10 thread are all dead... - How can i do software updates without loosing functionality? (I tried update to .5.8 and lost kb and mouse) I apologize if these questions have already been made, but a lot of info out there is either outdated or requires knowledge i don't possess. Thanks for any advice