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  1. as an old school longtime pc user back in the dos days, i started out with putting jas tiger osx86 10.4.8 onto a toshiba laptop. now with leopard, i got a used first gen macbook black. i'm getting used to os x but am enjoying the new os experience. i still have my pc laptops as they have modems builtin for the dialup internet that i have at my home location. another genuine mac convert!
  2. Recomendation for Dual Boot XP/Macosx

    imack wrote: i also got the loop thing when i trying to dualboot xp/osx86. i needed to edit /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist to have Quiet Boot=no, and add Timeout=some number then instead of looping back to the xp boot selection, when i selected osx86, then it got me into the darwin boot loader, which i had to hit any key so that darwin would give me a list of os's it could boot. then i selected osx86 and it booted osx86! yay! perhaps this might help you if you're still experiencing the loop thing.
  3. being primarily a pc user, i like seeing the xp boot menu first. initially, the chain0 technique didn't work for me (xp first partition, osx86 second) and would loop back to the xp os boot menu if i selected osx86. i finally got it to work by booting into osx86 and changing the com.apple.Boot.plist to include Quiet Boot=no and add Timeout=some number. that gets me to the darwin boot loader and then i have to hit any key to get me the list of os that darwin can boot. here i select osx86. --> dualbooting xp/osx86 works!
  4. Too good to be true?

    i want in on this fun! just got JaS 10.4.8 up with wireless thanks to all this information in this forum. [removed]
  5. Intel Wireless driver

    just wanted to cheer you 3945 driver developers on! thanks for your time and efforts.
  6. Atheros AR5005(G)

    thanks for the tips. got the toshiba satellite m-70 laptop's builtin atheros ar5005g devid 001A to work in JaS 10.4.8 after the putting the devid in info.plist and replacing en0 with en1 in the network list. since internetting is a big part of my computing experience, it was essential for me to get the wireless working. i have a old pismo with 10.4.9 and will keep that but enjoy having a pc/mac enabled laptop.
  7. Disabling the Trackpad

    well, with my nephew's hp zd7058cl, the keyboard actually is screwed in with a couple screws from the bottom. i think one screw was in the battery bay tucked in a strange nook/corner and the other one, either near the cpu heatsink/fan or in the main memory compartment. so if this hp laptop is similar, then perhaps some screws in the bottom are holding the keyboard snug.