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  1. Any hope for Intel 5300 WiFi drivers?

    Same card...I guess the new macbooks still aren't using intel's wifi chips. Maybe Atheros?
  2. AFH Not Supported

    same stupid problem...guuuhhh its about Frequency hopping regarding the Bluetooth controller or something...
  3. @coffeevictim: Yep. exact same four lines... @eddie11c: iAtkos r2 was the only Leo disk that would get to GUI. Have you tried that on your pentium m? Perhaps there is something in that code/kernel that would reveal why this is happening on the ToH kernel...? -zip
  4. well as expected, reboot after extensions.mkext, with the CPUS=1 flag as well... I wonder why I have gotten to GUI installer with other disks like iatkos...weird. Anyways let me know if you need anymore info about my setup to determine the issue. best -zip
  5. Hi guys, I haven't burned the Iso yet, however regarding Cjohnathon, shaska, and all the people having the P4 problem. I've got a northwood P4 3.4 CPU (sse2) and I had this EXACT same problem with the kalyway 10.5.1 disk. I tried posting for help, but never got any... I'm really hoping we can get down to the root of this issue! I was hoping this leo4all image would allow me to bypass this problem, but it sounds like I'm going to run into it, and I haven't even burned this disk yet I'll burn and test tomorrow, but I'm expecting the worst (endless reboots after kext load). My mobo is a D875PBZ btw. Best, -Zip
  6. same problem. Intel SSE2 p4 3.4 northwood with d875pbx