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  1. Hi I've been trying for like 4 or 5 hours and I got nothing, no sound on HDMI. No sound at all, not on hdmi, not on motherboard. I have a 5670, my hackintosh is running Maverick well, but still no audio. I dumped the card's BIOS with GPU-Z on Windows, here is the dump : So I guess my HDMI port is the number 1 ? Keep going. I ran IORegistry, I search for "ATY". Here I found that my HDMI port would be the number 0, because it's the only one with "display-type = LCD" and I only have a HDTV plugged on this hackintosh, on HDMI port of course. So wich port is the good one ? Did I miss something ? I tried to edit AMD5000Controller in hex mode, to change lines for Uakari profile, like this : But after reboot, still no sound on HDMI. My computer does not detect any audio device... What's next ? Buying a card wich works out of the box ? That would be cheating, I'm pretty sure I can manage that. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi I restarted the entire process from the beginning. Installed Lion with *beast Installed Chameleon to get boot from hard drive. At this point I got kernel panic on boot. Tried an older version : same problem Installed easy beast (wich is based on chameleon) to get boot from hard drive : I got the boot, with OSX boot screen ! But after, the scren stay black. So I added "GraphicsEnabler=No" on org.chameleon.boot.plist : Boot ok ! Installed drivers for wired network : no effect. Installed drivers for wireless network : no effect. I didn't try yet audio, cause I will use my USB sound card. I will post tonight a sreenshot of "About this Mac" for video card, and network. I guess it will help you to help me. What do you mean by "Reinstalling Vanilla" ? I'am also thinking to a new motherboard, to get everything working perfectly, like a real mac . Thanks
  3. So I tried to install Chameleon, but I got kernel panic on boot. I guess I did something wrong but what ? I don't know wich version I should use. I will try again, and if it does not work, I will reinstall the system. Maybe I tried too much kext. About the video card, if it's just comestic, it's a good news. So let's try again !
  4. Hi ! Thanks for your answer. I already tried the "GraphicsEnabler" option and it didn't work. I use the USB stick as bootloader, so I added the option in the boot file on the USB stick and on the hard drive. I tried drivers for ehternet card and it did not work
  5. Hi I got more informations : No way to get wired or wireless network. I tried a lot of kext but no one worked. My chipsets are : - RTL8101E/RTL8102E for wired - Ralink RT2790 for wireless I did not even try audio, because I have a USB sound card, wich is better than audio on motherboard. I tried to update to 10.7.4 with the ComboUpdate, it worked fine. And no boot from hard drive, I use the USB stick to boot :
  6. I will search on this website, thanks. Yea I thinks I will buy a new wireless card, I want to use Apple Wireless Utility to connect on the wireless. The Sapphire is working, but OS X shows "ATI Radeon HD 6xxx 1024 MB". Is this good ? Or it should be "ATI Radeon HD 6850 1024 MB" ? May the motherboard in cause ? The installer I used was ###### Wich one would you suggest instead of this one ? Edit: whoops it seems I can't tell the name of the installer here....
  7. Hi guys I tried to install Lion on my computer. Here is the config : - H61M-HVS motherboard - Core i3 2120 - Sapphire Radeon 6850 - 2 x 4 Go Crucial Ballistix - Asus PCE-N13 Wireless Card So, the installation was easy and fast. I used a tool to make the bootable stick with my Macbook. The computer booted on the stick, clic, clic, clic and it's done ! The first boot was fine too. But, after that, lot of problem. My Wireless card : I tried some kext for ralink 2860 but they don't work. So, I guess I should change this part ? Video card : I tried to install some kext for ATI 6850 but they don't work : after the reboot, I got nothing Network : I tried compatible driver for RTL81xxx : does not work. So, what should I do ? Buying some news parts ? Like a motherboard and a Wireless card ? In fact, if buying news parts give me a fully fonctionnal computer with Mac OS X, I will do it. Thanks