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  1. No installation!

    I finally got Snow Leopard, but now I cant boot without Nawcom's mod cd. What should I do toboot without it.Please help.
  2. No installation!

    how will i open disk utility without installation?I cant find that option.
  3. No installation!

    is gparted the methog to format?
  4. No installation!

    also the screen is weird,not fitting properly as if some portion is going out of the monitor
  5. No installation!

    ok the installation has started but my ps2 mouse is not working and my partition formats are not supported by osx?
  6. Farewell Revogirl

  7. No installation!

    k thanks will do it and tell you what happens
  8. No installation!

    i should use nawcom's mod instead of ###### no?and press f5 and then insert snow leopard disc and type -v and cpus=1(together )and pess enter or insert snow leopard(iatkos s3 v2)after i press enter?sorry just confirming. i Boot* dont know why it was censored in my previous reply.
  9. No installation!

    Intel Core2Duo
  10. No installation!

    http://imageupload.org/en/file/237636/img-0581-1.jpg.html here is the image but it wont help,i entered the vebrose boot log and then ejected my ###### disc and inserted iatkos s3v2 but no change at all.
  11. No installation!

    boot with -v meaning that i should press -v and enter at the boot process no?(sorry i am a noob)
  12. No installation!

    before installation
  13. Hey guys, I am trying to build my hackintosh using iAtkos s3 version 2 and just cannot seem to be able to do it succesfully. All the while I was following this guide- http://goo.gl/zg6pe and even after changing some setting in my bios the installation would get stuck. It would get stuck on the first screen with the apple logo along with the loading icon and never go ahead. This has happened every single time! My pc specs- http://imageupload.org/en/file/236783/capture.jpg.html http://imageupload.org/en/file/236784/capture2.jpg.html http://imageupload.org/en/file/236785/capture3.jpg.html http://imageupload.org/en/file/236786/capture4.jpg.html Earlier I had tried iAtkos L2 but there too I was having the same error.Please help!