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    GTX 570 graphics artifacts - driving me nuts...

    Playing in Win7 64 bit it never gave me any errors or artifacts. I will do some more tests, but what are the best ones for testing card stability? I used furmark in the past, it could handle it. Doesn't an IntelBurnTest/Lynx - like test exist for GPUs? That would test if the card can come up with the same result every time a certain calculation or task is given to it. I will check this out, complicated but worth it if it handles my problem. I will also create a foto if these dont solve it. Can be, but it does not give me errors under Win7 64 bit. Under XP sometimes yes, I have just reinstalled clean Nvidia drivers to see if it goes away. Also under XP the power management is different. I have two monitors hooked up, and this way there is no low power state for the card under XP. It is a driver restriction... Hmmm. Maybe this explains it?? I need to experiment some more!
  2. I'm running 10.7.3 on Gigabyte EP45-UD3R, 4GB ram, Core 2 Quad QX9650 (no OC), MSI GTX 570. I can set it up fine. Everything works, Dual monitors (DVI) recognized by Lion, in System Report, properly. Benchmark numbers are okay. BUT what i can't fix is random graphics glitches: Text Editor, Safari opens in a smaller-than-normal opaque windows, or "invisible" windows, etc, like 1 out of 3 times. It is random, but can be invoked immediately after boot. Safari scrolling has a lag after a while. Video playing is not always smooth. I have tried Kakewalk, all kinds of Beasts, etc. I'm using as few kexts as possible. PciRoot=1, GraphicsEnabler=1, npci=2000, darkwake, etc. Tried CLenabler, Nvidia drivers, Mac built-in drivers, CUDA, etc. Deleted AppleGraphicsManagement, same. I'm on simulated MacPro3,1. It is driving me crazy, wasted like 20 hours on it, or more. Mountain Lion: it installs, but at first boot, i can hear the music, but the monitor goes to sleep. Did not try many things there (ML) yet. Any serious ideas WHY this can be? Random, not predictable artifacts. Usually a KP is coming along with them, but not always. Please, just experienced users should answer, i have read and tried what a normal person could do, I'm not a newbie.
  3. HELP needed. With the guide, I have managed to install Lion GM (10.7.0), onto a GPT partition on a separate HDD. I have F13e BIOS (EP45-UD3R), and GTX570. The only thing not working now is the monitor resolution (and i guess the VGA acceleration neither). I had to use Chameleon 1812 (built into the Wizard), and npci=0x2000 to boot properly. Right now GraphicsEnabler=1. How exactly do I proceed to have fully working video, acceleration and monitors? I have 10.7.3 Combo update downlaoded, I have the official Nvidia Quattro 10.7.3 driver downloaded, none of them installed yet. What do I need to do, step by step please to have a 10.7.3 system fully operational? I need 100% working graphics. Thank you in advance!