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  1. [Guide] Installing Mountain Lion.

    Hi All I've tried 3 different install guides, (Tseug, John Cash and Tec Erra) - for the latter two everything works perfectly with the actual install - but in the case of John Cash i couldn't get the installed OS to boot from the HD or by booting from USB and then choosing the HD installed system. I had much better results with the Tec Erra guide - It requires a bit more "manual" work with the terminal screen but the instructions are clear enough. I'm installing onto a "clean" system and I noticed there were reported issues with Gigabyte boards and GPT so I formatted the host drive MBR and used the modified OSinstall files as per the kit instructions. At the Chameleon install to the USB step, I added only the NVidia enabler and chose a SMBIOS from the list that matches my processor. Install went fine without issue. First boot from the USB then choose the HD ML intsall to run and everything came up fine - was able to set up ML and get running all ok. Now my problems begin!! :-) I ran the chameleon installer again and duplicated the previous install exactly but this time to the ML HD. When I restart and attempt to boot from the HD I get the following: Boot0:test Boot0:failed Thats it - nothing else. Bios is seeing the HD - if i hit F12 during boot its there in the list along with the USB. I can boot from the USB and run the installed ML everytime. I'm not sure if this is an error with the chameleon install or something to do with the recognition of the HD by the MB. The reason I say this is that with the John Cash method I ended up with almost exactly the same problem - ie install went ok but the HD would not boot. In that case the HD was formatted GPT and the boot error was: Boot0:GPT Boot0:test Boot0:test Boot0:error Boot0:GPT Boot0:test Boot0:test Boot0:failed I feel I'm 90% there with this install. ML will run everytime provided i boot from the USB - So far I've never managed to boot from the HD either GPT or MBR My equipment is: GA-Z77X-UD5H-WB GTX 550 1024 ti 2 x 4Gb Twinmos 1300 Mhz WD green 1Tb D Anyone else having similar issues?
  2. Hi All I'm a relative newbie by comparision to most - though I think I do have a decent grasp of the fundamentals. I need some help please ........ I've followed this excellent install to the letter and everything went very smoothly once I had commented the graphic card port line to 0. mkboot, install all go perfectly as per the guide. After install i reboot the USB stick and execute the finalize command. Everything reports completed ok - however, I'm not able to boot OSX from the hard drive at all. It appears the bootloader is not installed. The error I get is .... Boot0:GPT Boot0:test Boot0:test Boot0:GPT Boot0:test Boot0:test Boot0:failed when i start the machine i hit f12 and my WD drive is shown twice - once as a UEFI device and once as P3 The above error occurs when i choose P3. If I choose the UEFI version i get a message telling me to insert a bootable media into the relevant drive. Ive reformatted the WD hard drive each time ive tried the install so its always clean. Every time i get the same result. On about the seventh attempt, I booted from the USB and chose the WD installation to boot and ML started fine and I was able to do first time setup etc and all looked great. However when i looked in the finder i couldnt see the WD drive that i launched OSX from, only the USB drive. So far I havent been able to replicate this - however at least I know that the OS will run. I would really appreciate any guidance to help me solve what appears to this newbie to be the bootloader not installing on the WD hard drive diring the finalize routine. I havent edited any scripts at all so they are as they came in the original zip. My equipment is GA-Z77x-UD5H-WB GTX 550 ti 1024 2x4 GB twinmos ddr3 ram i5-2500K WD green 1 Tb HD SATA Thanks guys