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  1. RyuzakiKun - you cant use any IDE drives, i got that message when i used an ide dvd drive. Used a SATA dvd drive, worked ok
  2. Installed 10.5.1 again, vanilla kernal Installed Kallycombo 10.5.2 update, kernal update and graphics update. all ok No IDE though and still have to use -v -f cpus=1 Try Newsgroups for download
  3. Hi, all works ok apart from NO IDE and the 5th sata port does not work, the marvell one (cant test digital out on sound) Only runs on 1 core (shame it would not work on all cores) i have the following MSI Neo2-fr - drives set to a ahci, power ser to acpi q6600 processor 2 sata hdd drives 1 sata dvd writer 2 GB geil ram 1 ati saphire x1950 256 pro instlled Kalaway using SATA dvd drive (IDE does not work) (Have to use SATA drive) (have to boot with -v -cpus=1). (non vanilla kernal) once installed Booted in windows and used theo Option 1 method, replacing the files on my installed system (using windows and macdrive) installed the x1950 kexts have to boot with -v -f -cpus=1 hope this helps
  4. Many thanks spoko, sound all working, if only i had more than 1 core
  5. Hi all, i also managed to get 10.5.1 working using kalaway and theos fix Have to boot with -v -f cpus=1 MSI p35 neo2 Sata dvd writer q6600 x1950 pro 256mb Shame all cores dont work! All working except sound - to tackle next theos fix - http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...rt=#entry581892 Thanks all