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  1. Sony VAIO VPCEB4C5E!

    Added a new config.plist to match the new Clover builds. The old config.plist was named "oldconfig.plist", if needed. PS: DO NOT UPGRADE TO OS X 10.8.5, IT HAVE SERIOUS ISSUES! I had some problems, like MANY real Mac users. The WiFi card could not be recognized anymore (WiFi: no hardware detected). You can try to use the 10.8.4 zipped kext, should work fine. Cheers.
  2. Sony VAIO VPCEB4C5E!

    Unfortunately my DSDT have many crosslinks and cannot be fixed. I've tryied many fixer but the only result is that OS X cannot bootup anymore, so I cannot touch my DSDT... Our models are differents (right?), thats implies that our DSDT is different. But I would give another try, can you link me a good DSDTFixer (the one you used for your Vaio)? Thank you.
  3. Sony VAIO VPCEB4C5E!

    Thank you for the kext, but seems not works. I'll do more tests in future. I've dropped in the folder some instruction how I made the triple boot, maybe could help you. And how to simply get the UUID to make iCloud, AppStore and iMessage (but could not) works. By the way also for me the Windows partition is labeled as "Legacy HD", I think is a Clover issue. Please can you explain me how to use that DSDT patch? I cannot modify my original DSDT because is full of errors and bugs, so is possible to apply "on-fly"? Thanks.
  4. Sony VAIO VPCEB4C5E!

    Never had a problem to boot Windows, neither Linux (I have a triple boot). Firstly I've installed Windows, in a primary partition, in secondary OS X, and after, in an extended partition, Linux. Booted OS X thought the Chameleon present on the USB Pendisk Installer and installed Clover in the MBR (boot0fs). Formatted two times, all worked ever good. If you need more information just feel free to ask! Thanks for the DSDT patch, where/how I can put? There's also something for the Ethernet port?
  5. Sony VAIO VPCEB4C5E!

    Is the embedded one. Should be: Sony Visual Communication Camera (VID_5986&PID_01A5&REV_2502&MI_00) In the folder there is a txt file with all the HW on my Vaio, with all the VIDs and PIDs.
  6. Sony VAIO VPCEB4C5E!

    Many updates! Check it out! Also updated to 10.8.4 without problems, I had just to update one kext (IO80211Family.kext). Cheers!
  7. Sony VAIO VPCEB4C5E!

    It works! Thank you! EDIT: On 10.8.3 cause kernel panic!
  8. Sony VAIO VPCEB4C5E!

    Finally I've got my Sony VAIO VPCEB4C5E works good with OS X 10.8 (updated to 10.8.4)! Only ethernet and card reader not work, but I'm working on it. By the way I've putted all my work, with some istructions (see the README!.txt) in a dropbox folder. There's also a txt with all the hardware and related Vid&Pid If is needed, dump your own DSDT, ACPI and other tables with AIDA64. I'll update it every time I'll update something on my Hackintosh. Here's the link: https://www.dropbox....56pq/uQI_SEcd1d (Revision 1.8) WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Do NOT use SMBIOSEFI.kext on 10.8.3, it cause kernel panic and OS X will not boot! <- Kext removed If you have some trouble or can help me to improve it feel free to reply to this thread. Works: - QE/CI! - WebCamera - Bluetooth - WiFi (by puttin' Vid&Pid in the original Apple kext) - Audio (With Voodoo HDA) [but sometimes sound crappy <- Seems this doesn't happens anymore] - Keyboard - Trackpad (as mouse, for now) - Volume buttons - Wireless switch (not fully tested, but for now seems ok) - Power button - DVD/BD drive (my machine have a BD Writer manufactured by Pioneer, but not tested if can burn discs yet) - About this Mac (Thank you artur-pt (10.8.2)! / Thank you apianti for new Clover (10.8.3)!) - Sleep (seems ok, but hibernation not works, so do not remove the battery or let it fully discharge!) - iCloud, iMessage, AppStore (see the How to!) - HDMI! (But, for now, without audio ) - VGA port, but by plugging in BEFORE boot OS X (You could have glitches on main LVDS if you change some display parameters or resolution) Not works: - Ethernet (by adding Vid&Pid in the original Apple kext OS X recognize it but does not connect) - Card Reader - Bright buttons - DVD Player (crash but VLC or XBMC works good) [Must do other tests] Known Problems: - The accelleration seems working a bit bad, FlashPlayer is lagging and the UI sometimes lag... <- Just reinstalled OS X directly from 10.8.3 and seems work good now. Maybe was an issue during various updates, or maybe a my fault while modifying some kexts related to the VGA. - OS X cannot recognize RAM modules, so "About this Mac" crash. Also "System Information" say there's an error about Memories... Dunno why! ç_ç <- Fixed with latest Clover (r1344), you don't need SMBIOSEFI.kext anymore!
  9. Clover General discussion

    Hi all! Finally, with Clover, the HD5650 on my Vaio seems work! (When all it's done I'll release all my configs and kext. I'm trying to fix Audio and Trackpad). By the way... Since I have triple boot (Windows 7 (100MB recovery partition + OS partition), OS X 10.8 and Ubuntu based Linux) and Linux partition wich is in EXT4 is signed as "other" is possibile to have in next build the support of the EXT4 to show the correct icon in the bootloader theme? Thanks. So, there's a way to show OS name under the icons (like Chameleon uses partion labels)? And there's a way to don't show "Legacy HD..." (because it show the ugly Legacy icon ) and how I could convert/reinstall all in non-legacy? Don't know if my bios is UEFI, I know is EFI but don't know so much about it... (my Vaio model is VPCEB4C5E). Did you need a Darwin dump? Many, many thanks for your hard work!
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to add a patch to the DSDT to make AppleHDA works with my Vaio. I've dumped it with Windows, Linux and DarwinDumper on OS X, but it have many errors (about 166), and can't compile. If I push "Fix Errors" I can compile it, but when OS X start it crash immediately. I'm a dumb in DSDT, so I'm asking for someone can help me to fix it so I can add HDEF patch and many more... (This dump was made with Linux) Many, many Thanks! vpceb4c5e_dsdt.zip
  11. It's the VBIOS of the Intel Integrated VGA (Intel®Sandybridge Mobile PCI Accelerated SVGA BIOS). Maybe you have a switchable graphic card?
  12. Vaio VPCEB4C5E

    Sono riuscito a farla riconoscere, ma non ho provato più a vedere se si connette. Purtroppo sto impazzendo con l'LVDS, e non ho provato altro.
  13. You can use Aida64 to dump the VBIOS: Just open Aida64, right click on the statusbar, Video Debug -> Video BIOS Dump. Or use Linux, this should work: http://smackerelofop...dump-video.html EDIT: By the way, there's my VBIOS disasm: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/59074332/hd5650_disasm.txt You can search for LVDS_Info. I hope that can halp to fix my problem
  14. Hi all! Same issue here with an HD5650M on a Vaio VPCEB4C5E, but... In these days I've tryied many and many personality to try to fix my LVDS that not show. I've fixed the VGA and the HDMI, but sometimes if I modify some LVDS bits VGA does not work anymore... Well, usually I connect througt the HDMI a Sansui TV. With this, when work, I can repatch the AtiController5000.kext and retry again... Today I had to move my notebook in another place, where I have an LG M2362D. Connected to HDMI, powered on and... TADAAAAANN!!! Internal LVDS works!!! Rebooted two-three times and it works! But HDMI not. In monitor settings OS X recognize the LG, but on it there's "No Signal". Isn't that bad, but I can't trasport with me the LG everytime Here's the binpatch! Original Eulemur Framebuffer: 04 00 00 00 14 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 01 02 01 04 00 08 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 71 00 00 12 04 04 02 10 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 10 00 01 Patched: 02 00 00 00 40 00 00 00 90 01 00 00 10 00 00 07 00 08 00 00 04 02 00 00 00 01 00 00 11 02 04 05 10 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 10 01 01 More info: - I'm using Chameleon by Enoch rev.2042. - By decoding the VBIOS my LVDS does not have a SenseID. - I dumped the EDID information of the LVDS with a tool on Windows 7 and injected into the right DisplayProduct, but didn't helped. - Firstly, with the Sansui TV, in IORegistryExplorer, The Framebuffer0 was of the LVDS, Framebuffer1 of the HDMI and Framebuffer2 of the VGA. Now, with the LG connected on the HDMI, Framebuffer0 is the HDMI, Framebuffer1 is LVDS (but still not recognized???) and Framebuffer3 is the VGA. - If I unplug the HDMI the LVDS goes black and won't turn back if I replug, but the screen appear "blocky" on the LG. I have only to reboot. EDIT: - By swapping the LVCD personality with the HDMI I have the same result, but by unplugging and replugging the HDMI I have this affects: Good screen -> Screen with some vertical lines -> Screen seem a 3D TV (image doubled) -> Black Screen -> Screen seem a 3D TV (image doubled) -> Screen with some vertical lines -> Good Screen I'm making other tests... Uff!!! - With moninfo, on Windows 7, I've found somethin strange. Take a look at this screenshot: http://i45.tinypic.com/2hxsltv.png The GSM5758 is the LG M2362D connected though the HDMI, but is OFF! He read it has active, and the LVDS (MS_0025) not, but works because I'm writing from it. I think the VBIOS was written from some monkeys... I have to try to use a VBIOS from an equivalent card, using AtiROM flag active... °_° EDIT2: Hot news! On mine machine (I think also for others) the EDID is stored in the VBIOS!!! I've dumped the VBIOS with Linux, and have some bytes different from the dump made with Everest/Aida64. So I've found a tool that can decompile totally the Ati/ATOM VBIOS (AtomDis), and by analizyng the results I've found a "LVDS_Info", and tadaaan! In that pack of bytes there's the EDID found thougt Windows! But is much longer and I'll try to test with this! Yeah... One day lost to dump the EDID from the monitor EEPROM's, and I've found that is in the VBIOS... -__- Check the screenshot: http://i50.tinypic.com/auljm.png (Sorry for bad english... )
  15. HD5650 on Vaio VPCEB4C5E (OS X 10.8)

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I also need to do some binpatches on the kext? Thanks. EDIT: Some strange results posted here! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=253557&st=40&gopid=1842274entry1842274