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  1. DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    Hey guys! I managed to install Mountain lion on my DV6-6090ee but i have some problems and need some help: 1.speedsteper and turbo boost is not enabeled and my geekbench score is about 6800. (My cpu is core i7 2630QM) 2.Brightness keys (F2,F3) are not working. by the way my brightness is not at maximum (although the slider is at the max) when i boot up into OS and after display sleep (set to 1 min) the brightness sets to maximum and i can change brightness from setting.(its weird) 3.No multi touch enabled trckpad. 4.The coolig fan is working all the time and its noisy but the temperature is normal (i guess). 5.The battery life is under 2 hours. 6.boot time takes about 1 minute or more and i think its too much. 7.I have no luck to install a bootloader and i get this error : boot0:error. i have to boot from USB stick. 8.sleep / wake up give me a black screen but system is working and it can not wake up. and i wanted to know could anybody make USB 3.0 and WiFi (Broadcom 4313) work. Thanks for your help.
  2. DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    Hey Micky! Are you using F.1A camiloml bios (sp54024 NWL Unlocked menus) on your laptop? Mine is F.1A from HP (which has no option for graphics switching mode) and i had some problems with switching graphics in linux (ubuntu). I'm just curious that your bios has that option and would it be risky to upgrade my bios to modded version? and also what problems do you have with your modded one? is it working fine?
  3. DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    Another question. I just wanna know will your attached files and edited DSDT work with mountain lion too? Thanks a lot.
  4. DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    Thank you for helping me so quick. WOW! I'll try and let you know if it works fine. By the way, can i use it in vanilla installation method too? Thanks again.
  5. DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    Thanks for your help. but as i mentioned i'm new to hackintosh and i don't know how to use that DSDT at the first page or how to modify your or anyone's DSDT. Can you please help me?
  6. DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    Hi everyone! I have a DV6-6090ee and i'm fairly new to hackintash. I've installed lion on my laptop and now the only thing i need is DSDT.aml for my laptop. If anybody does have it for DV6-6090ee i would be appreciated for sharing with me. Thanks for your help.