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  1. Single monitor. Actually just did an SMC/PRAM reset and am now able to boot using external graphics card.
  2. I've upgraded to Sierra successfully using elviejo's ROM and booted using internal HDMI graphics BUT I cannot boot using my external graphics card a GTX 760. I have followed the BIOS settings for OSX/LINUX (which I haven't had to use for years) but still no go. Can anyone help here?
  3. I can confirm that this worked for me when none of the other versions would even boot to the BIOS on my setup. I have since updated to El Cap. 10.11.2 with no problems.
  4. beaglenz


    If anyone is interested I now have a fully working BIOS on my Gigabyte GA-Z77MX-D3H TH motherboard that requires no other drivers(kexts) or settings other than BIOS settings and OSX Mavericks will install and run with no issues. Also, is anyone else interested in setting up an english forum that is dedicated to OSX Hackintosh/BIOS/Ozmosis community? I am quite happy to host a forum. cheers BB
  5. I have the GA-Z77MX-D3H TH which I understand is pretty close to the QUO motherboard in spec. I have managed to insert the standard Ozmosis files into my latest BIOS but do not know which kexts etc. need to be inserted to get this running OSX. Please help.
  6. beaglenz


    Hi, noob here. I can insert Ozmosis files but have no idea what kexts to include/insert into firmware to enable OSX to load. My OSX install will start at grey apple logo and spinning icon but no further. Does anyone have a fully working BIOS for the Gigabyte GA-Z77MX-D3H TH motherboard they would be willing to share? Cheers BB